Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11 Frocktober: Work and Play

We finish the week with work and kinder and school and for Mr H - golf.

I have decided that I am appointing myself as the new Crocs Ambassador. No need to receive official approval (or payment) for such things. They are comfy.

They are so comfy that I broke every corporate fashion rule and WORE THEM TO WORK. Yes. Yes I did.

I was able to run about the hospital, up the stairs, down the stairs through the wards and stayed comfortable all day. Was like wearing my slippers.

Moving on to my lady bits cancer information sharing for the day...Did you know there are some interesting facts about genetics and ovarian cancer, this is quite fascinating stuff and really worth you reading in full. Ovarian Cancer and Genes.

Pop back on the weekend and say hello to my guest posters who are sharing their frocking adventures with you.

Immy: Mini Metalicus dress, Airflex Shoes, Hello There Stockings
Me: RM Williams Shirt, Jacquie e skirt, Voodoo Jabou stockings, Elk Necklace, Crocs shoes (gifted for Frocktober)


  1. WEll they dont look like crocs. And if it means you can get more stuff done in a skirt then go for it.

  2. I've never seen this style of crocs before. Have to admit I had minor heart attack when you said you wore crocs to work thinking you meant the original style crocs lol. But these are pretty cute and they do look very comfy!

  3. I spotted a girl wearing cute ballet style Crocs, good to see they have changed some of their designs and hey if its comfortable for you then thats all that counts!!

  4. I love the shirt and the crocs :)

  5. I'm hearing a lot about crocs being comfy at the moment - I need more supportive shoes so I may have to pay them a visit!


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