Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 23 Frocktober: One size fits all bumps - or lumps.

The one size fits all garments are an interesting type. I think many have actually changed to OSFM or one size fits MOST, because clearly they can't fit ALL.

The metalicus range is one I have had a long standing love/hate relationship with.

When pregnant I thought it was great. Stretchy, easy to wash, no ironing required, the perfect garment really. Post baby, it wasn't quite as forgiving and I was not such a fan.

But I am a sucker for a bargain. The other week I was walking through Myer and they had one of those big sales on that you are just lucky enough to be in the right spot for sometimes. I grabbed a few Metalicus items that were half price and then 40% off the half price. Major bargain - but not if I don't wear them!

But I have. I started with the cardigan wrap in black and realised I have missed having one of these. It works with lots of things and can easily be thrown in my handbag. Unfortunately it did get a hole in the arm on the second wear, not sure how that happened, but clearly I need to be more cautious with this type of fabric.

I bought a singlet top that will only ever be worn under things. It is tight, really tight. It will never see daylight but will hold the bulges and keep them warm.

Singlet top under the dress - the only bits of it you will ever see.

I got the dress in these photos and started wearing it simply because I needed more frocks. It soon became my most comfy and feel good dress. I wear it with the singlet underneath and the wrap on top or just on it's own. I am also teaming it up with my opaque tights.

I wore it today for school orientation and it was a good choice for not being too dressy and not too casual, a great 'school gate' option.

After school orientation for Immy I dropped her back into creche where her little friends were very excited to see her. One little girl then ran up and said, ARE YOU HAVING A BABY. I CAN SEE YOUR BABY. WOW, IMMYS MUMMY IS HAVING A BABY!!

This lead to much excitement as they all patted my tummy and giggled. I informed them that there was no baby in my tummy, but they decided they could still see it and they ignored my words and just went with the idea that there was.

I could blame the hot chocolate we had this morning. But I won't. Instead I am blaming the dress.

Yes, the One Size Fits Most item does fit me, but it seems to fit well on bumps and lumps and curves too.  Speaking of lumps and bumps - remember all this dress talk is for Frocktober, and lumps and bumps on lady bits, including boobs should be checked with your doctor, it is also advised that you give your own boobs a good feel up and have a check for any lumps and bumps that shouldn't be there. Alternatively, the local preschool is a good place to go to be reminded that your tummy lumps and bumps need fewer hot chocolates and more walks - which of course is also a way to reduce your chances of lady bits cancer!

What are your thoughts on the OSFB (one size fits bumps) garment?

Immy: Popps old dress - Target,
Me: Metalicus Dress


  1. They are a lie. Like seriously OSFA - no it does not. However if you are of average size then jersey/stretch fabrics are like the WIN.

  2. This had me laughing. Love Metallicus. Congrats on your Frocktober effort. I surpassed my hoal, so now am comitted to wearing my wedding dress fpr an entire day!

  3. OSFASP. One Size Fits All Scrawny Pygmies. Ahem. Personal beef with alleged one size fits all given that I am about 15cm taller than average, and a size 16. OSFA don't fit me in any direction what so ever. They are almost guaranteed to be too big and too small at the same time, go out where I go in and in where I go out. Muttergrumble. (I am in fact wearing a skirt today - a short wrap skirt, despite going to the chiropractor straight after work!)

  4. I've been following your Frocktober Claire and this has to be my favourite. Who doesn't love a OSFM?

  5. Try as I might I cannot see one single bump on you. I'm a bit of a metallicus fan myself so I am loving that dress x


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