Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 22 Frocktober Guest Post: Carly Findlay

I am hesitant to admit that I have a floordrobe going on at home. Clothes strewn everywhere. My house was broken into about nine years ago and I didn't really notice, because clothes are always strewn about. Must. Develop. Better. Hanging. Habits. However, there is a redeeming feature - I have a lot of pretty dresses and they're all hung up neatly in the wardrobe in the spare room. I'm a huge fan of Target's dresses, and I buy Cue on sale. I love a maxi too. Even though I'm short, a maxi makes me feel tall. I love wearing a dress with a blazer or a denim jacket or my trusty pleather biker jacket.

This dress is from Joy the Store my favourite store in London (it's even better than Topshop on Oxford Circus!). I bought it in the online sale to celebrate a rather eventful week in the middle of this year. It was on sale. I was hoping the fit and the print was as true as on the website - and when I tried it on, it was fabulous! I love the green floral - I don't look like a traffic light! - and that it goes with pink, blue, purple and black. I also love the swishy pleated skirt and the bust line. I'm also wearing my new sandals by Windsor Smith - another sale item. 

I discovered Joy the Store in London when I was holidaying in London in July 2012, I went into a few Joy stores in different areas of London, and fell in love with a gold and navy dress that I kept seeing. It reminded me of a Cue or Review dress.  I was being careful with my money, and so I waited until my last day there to buy it. I caught the train from Earls Court to Fullham Broadway with half an hour to spare before I needed to catch a taxi to the airport. I knew what I wanted. Spent my last £40 cash on that perfect dress. Squeezed it into my carry-on. And I wear that dress to VIP events, instead of wearing a suit. 

I am loving Claire's posts on Frocktober - and also all the bloggers who have got on board. What a great cause! I've donated money to Claire's cause, hoping that her little girls won't have to worry about ovarian cancer when they're my age. You can sponsor Clairey here.

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  1. You have one of the best dress wardrobes I've spotted Carly - your range is really different and colourful - maybe that's why it stands out in Melbourne so much!!!

  2. Your dress is beautiful Carly... one of those purchases that was just meant to be!!


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