Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 19 Frocktober Guest Post: Say hello to Mandy

A big thanks to Mandy for today's Frocktober guest post.

There is a saying “Live everyday like it’s your last” it’s a great concept, but I’m a realist.  And the realist in me says it’s not possible, because I wouldn’t go to work on my last day, I wouldn’t grocery shop or pay bills.

There is also much debate over ‘saving an outfit for a special occasion’.  Why do we have to wait for a special occasion to, well, you know, feel special?

I’ve never been much of a dress wearer.  I wanted to be, but I always felt a bit ridiculous, like I was all dolled up with no where to go.  But there is a shift in the air and I’m embracing it.  We never know when our last day will be in front of us so it’s about time we embraced our inner woman and let her loose.

I’ve gone a bit crazy over the last few months.  I picked up a couple of really nice dresses from Big W.

And then I was given a cute dress from Piping Hot along with a nice tee / skirt combo.

I felt like I’d won the lotto when my name was drawn from a blog giveaway recently allowing me $250 to spend at Sequins and Sand.  I skipped past the swimmer range and headed straight to the dresses.  I picked up two dresses, (a long and a short) in the ‘wear five ways’ range.

Finally, I even bought myself a gorgeous little Wayne Cooper number, a treat for my next night out.  Budget is definitely a factor for me so I picked this baby up brand new with tags for half the price on Ebay.

Without being all morbid every day we are here is a privilege, a privilege to spend quality time with the ones we love, quality time enjoying life.  For me that means spending time with my husband and three children. This summer we plan to go to the beach, have picnics, take long walks and invite friends over to share in a meal plus much much more.  And I plan on doing this more often than not in a dress, because that is makes me happy and whilst I don’t believe I can live every day as though it’s my last, I sure can attempt to live a life fulfilled.

Mandy is also a blogger at A Little Space Like Home


  1. Gosh I love that ombré dress from big w! Do you need to be tall to wear it?

    And what a wonderful message at the bottom of your post.

    1. I reckon I'm probably about the same hight as you and I didn't have to get it taken up, usually I do. So I think you'd be alright.


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