Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogging - not just a thing.

Yesterday a blogger turned up to my house.

She had homemade soup, fresh bread and her son to play with the girls for a little while. My kids love an extra playmate so it was lovely for them to break up the day with another little person.

My friend also brought over milk, cos she had too much at her place. I filled her bag with fennel and asparagus and lettuce and carrots as I knew we wouldn't get through them this week.

We chatted non stop and between Immy weeing all over the spare bed and a quick dash to get the kids off the trampoline when the rain poured down, we covered a lot in a couple of hours.

It reminds me that this blogging thing is more than just an online thing-a-jig.

It is soup delivered when you have been going solo for a week and still have one to go.

It is emails at midnight to say hello when someone notices you are still on twitter.

It is pecans arriving in the mail when you admit to having never had them.
Mr H, hope you have bought me something nice, see I got you a lovely new t-shirt?

It's not just this thing I do when I have a chance anymore.

It is something I make time for.


  1. Blogging is not just an online thing for me either. If someone had told me 12 months ago I would be having an incredibly funny writer from Sydney come to stay for 3 nights with her two boys, I would have looked at them like they were bananas (when bananas were cheap).
    But that was my weekend last weekend with the Woogs. I've met - and will continue to meet - some AMAZING people through blogging that I would never have otherwise met.
    And I'm a better person/blogger for it.

  2. It's friendship through and through. x

  3. Agreed! Turns out some of my very good friends right now are bloggers, met through blogging and maintained through blogging and the occasional meeting like you described. Such a wonderful thing. And not limited to online at all.

    Now, let me talk to the pecan person, I LOVE pecans! :P

  4. So true Claire :) It starts as a hobby and becomes a much bigger part of life.

  5. "It's not just this thing I do when I have a chance anymore.

    It is something I make time for."

    I love your perspective Claire.

  6. I love this Claire, and totally agree! I am also feeling quite thoughtless as not thinking that a meal would be a really helpful thing for you with Mr H away. xx

  7. I couldn't agree more. So glad you had lots of love while Mr H was away. He's home now right? (Perhaps it's my turn to make the trip west with soup...) xx


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