Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heading to the Country to visit the Carnies.

It's Show Time here in Melbourne.

But even better than that, it is country show time.

We are giving the big show a miss and heading out of town to visit the Carnies this year.

The girls and I are escaping AFL footy weekend and going to the St Arnaud Show instead.

They even have a facebook page!

This is the first ever "Happy Face" Immy has drawn. (In case you couldn't tell!)
The girls are entering the drawing competitions, they may even enter the "decorate a Marie Biscuit" competition.

I read out to Popps that the winner of the drawing competition gets $5.00, she was very disappointed and let me know that she was hoping for a ribbon or a certificate.

There will be limited rides to be pestered about and the showbag stand will be a stand, not a pavilion.

There will be free face painting and lots of animals, pony rides will be offered.

BBQs with real meat from local farmers and butchers. Maybe a hot doughnut van, but not endless options of junk.

There will be cake stalls and motorbike displays, whip cracking and sheep herding. We wont miss anything, because they pretty much all occur on the same footy oval arena.

Kids under five are even free to attend and last time we went there was fireworks.

The Mayor (also known as Poppy) will be judging Miss Tiny Tot. I suggested we enter Immy to really mess with his ethical standards...can you pick your own granddaughter to win Miss Tiny Tot? Can you not?

I must go now, I am thinking of entering my Echidna Cake into the masterchef competition and have to get my entry in.


  1. $5 - what? Since when do kids need to win money for a colour comp - love Pops' attitude - a ribbon would be a much better prize!

    Have a great time - it sounds like lots of fun!

  2. They also get a certificate with there name on it. The local communtiy supports the show and families give money for prizes.. which most spend at the show!

    Dont think your cake would make it it the country cooks!

  3. I had to smile... the Decorate a Marie Biscuit competition? Extreme cute! Gosh, what would we do without carnies? I love showtime :)

  4. Carnies scare me, like clowns, so my children tease me when we go to shows & fairs. Do you have an Imogen?? Love Posie


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