Monday, September 5, 2011

It's time to get your sun smarts on

At creche, the Little Hueys are not allowed outside now without a full sunsmart hat and sunblock cream on. They are not allowed to wear dresses with little straps. They have sun shades in their playgrounds and when they haven't lost them, they have sunglasses too.

This is not a big deal for them, it is the only way they know.

We all do lots to protect our kids from skin cancer, much more than what was done in the past. We are smarter, we know more about skin cancer and how it is a nasty demon who can start picking its victims very early and wait around to get them when they are not looking.

I have always bought Cancer Council suncream, it's good stuff, and the profits go to funding more research for curing the gift the devil gave us, Cancer, in all it's forms.

Cancer scares me, I hate that it pops up and gets the young, the fit, the great among us.

If shopping and getting what I need can also contribute to finding a cure, I will continue to purchase the Cancer Council suncream and probably some of the other products.

It's time to get your sun smarts on. For yourself and for the greater need of Cancer research.

Immy was so impressed, she wore these in the bath.

This post was inspired by the Cancer council  who sent the little Hueys some new googles and some suncream. But they didn't have to, I would be buying their products anyway and I still suggest everyone else does too.



  1. I love the Cancer Council shops. They're reversable kids' hats are just gorgeous and I always get the boys sunnies from there too. I just bought my new summer hat from there too : )

  2. yes love the sunscren with insect control in it as well!! as i hate flys it works a treat!

  3. The Sunshine is rather harsh here than in my native country. And I must admit that I would not have considered putting on sunscreen ( just because I never used to ) if it wasnt for the Cancer Council's effective campaigns.

  4. Thanks for reminding me of how important this is!


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