Saturday, September 24, 2011

To Dad, c/- Qantas Airways

Dear Daddy

Today was the Open Day at dancing, and you wouldn't believe it, but I did the entire performance. Miss Deborah arranged the whole room so that the chairs are all at the back so that I couldn't see anyone watching me. I didn't even think about them, just did the dances.

Immy did hers too, and her friends came to watch, which was a huge help for Mum, as she couldn't be in two rooms at once watching us both while you gallivant over to visit the Queen. 

I had a party to attend. Mum had to leave me there as Immy wasn't invited and apparently two year olds can't be left home alone. One of the other Mums who we had never met helped me, it was an Art Class so kinder kids can't do all the stuff on their own. We made a crown and a wand, but the boys made pirate hats and telescopes. Mum walked around the shops next door and bought Immy some new sandals. 

The dog is missing you and sitting at the front gate waiting for you to come home and Immy keeps asking if you will be home for Octanauts, which is really annoying as Octanauts isn't even on at 5.15 anymore. 

We went through all the cake books deciding which birthday cakes we want for the next five years.

Yesterday on the way home from the airport, Mum got lost and yelled at us to not talk again til she knew where we were. I cried because I missed you already and I didn't know if Mum would ever find our house again.   It was dark and Immy wanted that Mickey Mouse CD on and Mum was yelling to be quiet. I don't think I like the airport much. I hope you are not on the plane for much longer, or wherever you are.

Love from Popps

PS I will write to you again very soon.


  1. Feeling for you all - is there anything more lonely than being without your partner and having to rely on the help of strangers?

    Is the dog STILL at the front gate?


  2. K, the dog is distraught. Lucky the neighbours are walking her for me!

  3. That is just beautiful! I love that she got through the whole of her dance recital - pretty special xx

  4. Dear Popps, it is so fabulous that you did all your dancing and that immy did too.I am sorry that your mummy yelled....give her lots of cuddles to help make her feel better. I bet she misses your Daddy just as much as you. See you soon. Lots of love, Suz xxxxxx

  5. Hi Popps, we love hearing from you on your Mum's blog. Sounds like you're having fun with your dancing. Your Dad will be home before you know it - in the meantime give Mum lots of cuddles. x

  6. So gorgeous. I couldn't help but LOL when I read the part about the cake book! My girls could spend hours flipping through the pages working out everyone's birthday cakes! xx

  7. Aaaw. That sounds like every week at our place (Daddy is always flying Qantas!).

    Such a cute post, and we are very bummed about Octonauts not being on at 5:15pm anymore too. Thank goodness for ABC4Kids website!

    Hope Daddy comes home soon. x

  8. This is adorable!

    I loved "I didn't know if Mum would ever find our house again." Hilarious!

    And that Octonauts isn't on at 5.15 anymore!!

    You've captured the perspective of a 5 year old so well.

    P.S Don't stress too much about yelling at your kids. They sound very, very loved xx

  9. My, my Popps....what a clever and talented chooky you are, writing this for your Daddy.

    You know, Popps, I used to do dancing myself for a very short time when I was a little girl like you, but I used to worry about my Mummy not being able to stay and watch me. I gave up, and I SO wish I hadn't, because I loved to dance. I hope you'll keep on dancing.


  10. I LOVE these letters you help your girls write. You are doing so well to be on your own Claire. I really admire you. Big hugs! xxx

  11. Love you guys. In cafe on wifi in London. Speak soon but I will make sure not during octonauts. Love daddy


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