Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where did those skills go?

This too, is a bad design.

I have put up my hand to do some additional work for work. It requires design skills that I used to have many years ago and that I have allowed to lapse, slowly and quietly.

Marketing departments across organisations vary so much.

When I worked for a Not For Profit we tried to do as much as possible in house. It was magnificent for my skills, I learnt all sorts of programs and skills and found ways to make things happen when the actual budget for the project was officially $0.00.

Over the last few years I have worked in teams where we had either the luxury of in-house design teams or the budget to pay decent ones externally.

I didn't realise my Indesign skills had got so shabby. I hate relying on other areas to get things done for me. I really don't like looking at my work and thinking how poorly it looks compared to what I would like it to look like.

But at least now I have another little project for myself.

Have you lost (misplaced!) any of your work skills? Did you manage to find them again?



  1. Yes I have and when found it was a big SQUEE, 'I was back'. I lost confidence.

  2. The skills come back with a bit of practice. You know how much I'd lost confidence in pretty much all my skills - but they do come back.

  3. I reckon you just need time & practice to polish your skills. I have none whatsover in the arts & crafts department so I don't have that problem.

  4. I worry about this! I've been out of the fulltime workforce for 5 years now, although I do some freelance work just to keep some level of skills up... my computer skills though need some work, that's what blogging is meant to help me with....

  5. I think they evolve really. And like the others said lots of it is a confidence thing. Like my husband yesterday who was holding our squiffy nephew. He confessed he wasn't sure if he remembered how to change a nappy. I handed him the nappy and walked out of the room. And oddly enough it all came screaming back to him. ;)

  6. I am learning InDesign right now with my Graphic Design course. It is very involved! I'm sure it will all come back to you.

  7. I'm not sure you ever forget it's just they aren't fresh and at the forefront of your mind. I think it is also a bit scary and we worry ourselves a bit when really we just have to jump in and have a go.
    I find it funny when I am talking to someone about a topic and all this information just spews out of my mouth and I think to myself WOW! Where did that come from?
    Good Luck I'm sure it will turn out fine.


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