Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Big Red Car.

For the last week I have had some new wheels to cruise around in after Holden kindly gave me an SV6 to use for my weekend road trip while Mr H was away.

After dropping the car off this morning at Holden I drove home trying to think of what to write about this car. I drove home in silence, with the windows down blowing cool air into the car. Not because I needed to but because my car, circa 1993 no longer has a working radio, the tape deck has long since played its last Kylie Minogue tune and the last guy I took it to refused to re-gas the Air Con because it is too old and not 'green' friendly. 

So as I cruised silently along, spitting out the odd bug that flew into my mouth from the open window. I tried to work out what my thoughts on this big red car are. 

Then I thought it best to share the conversation Mr H and I had in the car yesterday.

Mr H: I will drive you to work and have the car for the day.

Me: OK, the car needs some petrol so make sure you get some after you drop me off.

We plug the kids in and head off. As we go I start sharing some of the features of the car with Mr H. 

He ignores me. 

I am told that I wasn't using the gears properly.

I tell him it is an auto, that I have done a 600km roadtrip without him, that I do know how to put it in drive. I even went on gravel roads, and after all that I never once refuelled so please do so.

You can remain bug free and temperature controlled in the SV6

Mr H: No, you are not using them properly, you need this bit for city driving and this for open road and this for taking off quickly.

Me: You are driving erratically and the bluetooth doesn't work. I also don't like how the blind spot is so big in this car and the spoiler makes it hard to see out the back.

Mr H: Huh? Did you say something, I was just connecting my phone to the bluetooth, then I can also have the ipod on my iphone playing. 

Me: It was really annoying to have to get the kids seats in myself, this is not a family car, the anchor points for car seats do not come in it. I had to get the man across the road to get special tools to help me get them in.

Mr H: uh huh,  So can you feel how smooth it is on the road? And, press this button here, look, you don't need petrol, still 150km to go.

Me: The back seat is so big that I couldn't reach back to pass things to Immy on our weekend roadtrip.

Mr H: This is great, I can't even feel the kids kicking the back of the seat.

Me: I don't like how it is so low to the ground, it hurts my back to do up the kids seatbelts all the time.

Mr H: I could have three mates in the back and they wouldn't even be squashed.

Me: Are you listening to me, I don't think this is a good family car.

Mr H: Yes, I am listening, I think this car is too fast for you and I think it would be perfect for a 'me' car. Like, my Car. As in, you and the kids don't use it. I would have the steering wheel adjusted, the seat perfect, the blue tooth on and heaps of space for golf clubs in the back. I would just love to have this car. It would be great for a golf weekend away. Do you think we can afford to buy one, how much are they, is this one for sale? Ask them how much they want for it.

Me: This car is not for sale. Pick me up at 5 please.

Spoilers? What are they actually for? I don't get the 'spoiler'.

I ring and ring to see where he is at 5pm.

No answer

Finally they turn the corner and I am told how they had to go here and here and there and there and actually yes, now we really do need some petrol, yes, yes, should have got some earlier.

During my time of enforced silence driving home today I also realise that I have left the pram in the back of the car. 

Mr H, he would do anything to get one of these cars. Who makes the car decisions at your place? 

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  1. Funny you should ask, having JUST gone through the process of buying a new(er) car. I had a lovely Big Red Car of my own - a gigantic Commodore wagon. I loved the wagon, I loved that no matter how much crap I needed to take anywhere, I could always shove in one more thing AND I forced my rather large bike in the back of it when I couldn't work out the allegedly quick release wheel that wouldn't!

    Howevs, the red car was doing something strange and we were all erm do we keep throwing money at it and still not fixing it or put the money toward another car. Ok, another car was the sensible option - I want minimum four stars, I want another wagon, I want cargo barrier, any colour but white... Yeah, but a sedan is so much cheaper and white is like you know there's so many more of them so they're cheaper and you don't need to take the pram any more and and...

    And I have a four star WHITE COMMODORE SEDAN. Ok, it's really nice to drive, it doesn't run like it's got hexidecimal wheels, the kids fit in the back fine. But it's a sedan. I've only had it for a month, and I really wish I had stuck to my guns and got a wagon. Ok, I would have compromised and sucked it up and got a white one, but man, I miss the wagon!


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