Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Solo Mumma Story Time and a Giveaway.

Routine is important for kids, and even more so for Mums.

In the Huey house the night time routine, when it works perfectly involves dinner, bath, story time, bed. 

With the girls having fairly wide reading levels right now usually Mr H reads to Immy and I read to Popps.  They have four stories each and like all kids they have favourites that we have to read every night until everyone knows every. single. word.

Doing the solo mumma thing means that this routine has needed a little shift this week.

Popps is quite proud of the books she can read so she starts us off with reading to us. Then we have two stories that I choose. And then we have the story that Daddy reads.

Usually, I am not really a fan of just passing over an electronic version of a parent.

But this book has been a fun thing for us this week.

This is the book I chose

Mr H pre-recorded the book a couple of weeks before he left and then I put it away to bring out when he was gone.

The girls are enjoying the concept that Dad is 'talking' to them. 

This book is becoming part of the 'Dad is away' routine.

The actual story line is a bit lacking, it is written in poem form and a little 'simple'. But the illustrations do help build the book a bit more. But it's the concept of hearing the person talk that is the real plus.

Once Mr H gets back Popps plans to re do it herself and have her own voice on there instead. You can also make up your own story to each page if you wanted to, especially for smaller children that wont recognise any words. We also added in the girls names, so you can personalise it however you want.

I received this book from Hallmark, and they are happy to give two of my readers a copy too, there are a few different options, and the winner can discuss which book they want with the PR company.

These are just a few of the options

Or check the website if you want to see more.

Just leave me a comment telling me your favourite kids book, or the best tip you have for solo parenting, or just say hi, I want a book.

I will draw this next Wednesday at 12pm. - AEST.

Winners will be notified via email.

If you want to comment on facebook instead of on the blog that is ok too.

EDITED: This giveaway is now closed.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Hallmark. I was not paid to write this post. I requested the giveaways for my readers and they said Okey Dokey.


  1. Hi. I want a book to record the grandparents reading for the boys! xx

  2. The idea of these books is lovely - and works especially well for distant grandparents - my friend's in-laws from the US visited recently and her little girl "knew" them instantly from having heard their voices regularly from her recorded book (she has the Hey Diddle Diddle one - I have heard it too many times and also felt like I knew my friend's in-laws the moment they arrived!!)

  3. OMG I didn't even know such a thing existed. My kids would go bananas over this. My husband is FIFO so is away every week for 4 nights. This would be fantastic.

  4. What a fabulous idea! I'd love to do this for S when I'm in hospital and when Mr is away too. I so wish I knew about this before we went overseas too. Our night time routine is much the same here too by the way. And, I'd be surprised if you didn't know that we are mad keen on Oliver Jeffers around here with my favourite being, "The Way Back Home". xxx

  5. Good job mr H .
    a great kid book in our house is Where is the green sheep!

  6. This is such a great idea!
    A few of our favourite kids' books were:
    Where Is The Green Sheep? (Mem Fox) Both kids learned to read/recite that one.
    Dougal The Garbage Dump Bed (Mumma had to read that one, but it's a lovely Aussie story).
    And my daughter's favourite, because she was a little princess who had terrible separation anxiety from me was:
    I Want My Mum!
    We also liked
    I Want My Dummy!
    For much the same reason.

  7. I've seen these books in the shops. Such a lovely idea. I'd love for my MIL to record one for the kids, seeing she lives interstate. She'd LOVE that.

    My fave books as a kid were, "The Diggingest Dog" and "We Help Mummy". I still have them at home. :)

  8. Thanks! I would love the opportunity to win a book. My parents are travelling at the moment and my son is really missing them. A book read by Nanna and Pop would be awesome!

  9. Hi! I love these books!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! My daughters' favourite books include anything by Roald Dahl, the Mr Men/ Little Miss series, the Hairy Mclary series, and Enid Blyton books.

  10. My favourite book at the moment is
    "Nappy Duck & Potty Piggy" by Bernette Ford. My almost-two year old is crazy about ducks, so what better way to introduce potty training than with a book about a DUCK who ditches nappies in favour of a potty? :)

  11. These sound great, my 2yo will love one!

    She loves books and at the moment likes a wiggles book - which we read together every morning!

  12. i cant see my post dont now if went through or not..

  13. lovely books lovely opportunity my little one will love and so do i!! :)

  14. We love the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie collection at the moment, gotta love the ol' classics!

  15. My eldest sons favourite book when he was little was "Time for Bed P.B Bear" now he is 8 and reads all by himself, I will have to bring P.B. Bear back for my youngest!

  16. We are just getting into this book reading thing (my daughter is 10weeks old today) so far her tastes have been fairly simple - however The hairy green catapiller & possum magic have been favourites.
    I would love on of these recordable books as I would get my grandparents (Ems GREAT grandparents) to record them reading it to her. It would be a priceless time capsule of them for my girl.
    I have only just started reading your blog (well most blogs actually) but I'm liking what I have read so far!
    Thanks for sharing

  17. I do a LOT of solo parenting - hubby is a pilot so he quite literally 'travels for work'. We have two girls, Lola is 2.5yo and Frankie is 8mths. Lola especially finds it difficult when daddy's away as they are super close. When dad's home he reads to them every night, when he's not home he tries to skype us before bed but it's not always a good conncection and the different time zones can make it tricky. He would get a real kick out of recording his voice in a book and the girls would absolutely love it!

    So my best solo parenting tip is this - stick to your routines as much as you can but when the going gets tough remember to breath and just go with the flow baby! :)

  18. Hi, i want to win a book so that i can sit on the sofa and relax while the book reads the story.

  19. I'd love to win one of these, and would try to get the grandparents to record it, as they all live quite a distance away. Our favourite story is 'The very busy spider' by Eric Carle - we read it nearly every single night!

    chicchick_02 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  20. Hi, these books look fantastic! I'm always looking for something exciting to read to my son.

  21. What a fantastic idea! A fantastic idea for my children's Grandparents to record a story as they live more than 300kms away. Both my children have a strong love of books, we have just finished reading 'The Wind in the Willows to them.

  22. I'm a traditionalist. Love 'Wind in the Willows', Rudyard Kiplings 'Just So Stories' and fairytales like 'Thumbelina'. As I grew, Roald Dahl became a favourite. I love books and I love the way that literacy develops our imagination. Would love to win a recordable book.

  23. I'd love to win a recordable book too. I am a grandma now and have two little grandchildren living interstate so this would be a nice way to be a part of their lives. I always read stories to my children especially before bed as a calming ritual!

  24. My favourite kids book is "There's a house inside my Mummy" - I read it with our 2yr old daughter when I was pregnant with baby #2 and we both loved it so much is was brought out every day.

    What a beautiful idea these books are!
    I'd love to win "All the ways I love you"

  25. I would love a book for my daughter!
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  26. My favourite book when I was small was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Such fun!

    These books are so beautiful- the only present I can think of for my little boy's first birthday. I would love for his Nanny and Pa to read it- a beautiful keepsake for years to come!-russellcathryn at

  27. My favourite kids book was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss... a recordable storybook might be even better though!


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