Friday, September 9, 2011

The little Hueys hit the sticks

For some years when I was growing up I lived on a farm.

Not the same one we go to visit when we see my parents now, but some things it seems might always be the same for country kids.

If cropping is your thing, then each year there tends to be a few pictures of the kids in the crop. Whether that is to display a great yield or a drought affected disaster.

And when you have to wait around in empty paddocks the world really is your stage.

The back of a ute was always a concert stage for me, and it seems given the first opportunity, it is for the Little Hueys too.

Mid Dancemove

And country kids know that city visitors will always want to have a ride on whatever they can get their hands on.

The Little Hueys did not fail this test.

Four wheel driving through the wild flowers and wattle
Girl from Snowy River in the Making

They got riding motorbikes and horses the first chance they got.

I don't miss living in the country, but I do love that the girls get to share the good bits about the farm when they can.


  1. Lovely pictures , gorgeous girls and farm. Did you stay long ?

  2. Yes farms are great, love the white pony!!

  3. Oh so much fun. I'm so looking forward to moving to the country with the benefit of keeping our children in city schools, in Canberra you can easily commute (we don't have the traffic) so best of both worlds. There will be horses!! Love Posie

  4. The best of both worlds it seems. Beautiful pics and beautiful memories.

  5. I just had a few little flashbacks to my own childhood reading that post. Love the pic in the canola, I love it mostly because it is yellow and not brown :)

  6. Were about to head home to my parents for a few weeks {hay, nsw} i cant wait. the girls look like they are having a ball.


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