Friday, September 16, 2011

A box, some sand and a few animals

Remember I asked about what kind of toys I should add to our dismal collection?

I got quite a few responses on the blog and on twitter talking about animals. I wasn't convinced they would be much of a hit here, but the creche teacher chatted about Immy spending time at the jungle table with the animals and my Mum started sending the girls a parcel every now and then with a little animal each.

This week I really needed to make a work call and didn't want to be disturbed for at least 20 minutes - which is a pretty long time for a two year old.

The recycle bin was overflowing like usual so the boxes are all sitting inside, this gave me the idea of the sand box.

I gave the girls the box and permission to use anything at all in the backyard to make a habitat for the animals.

It was a huge hit and gets played with each day as they change things around, replace the flowers, clean the water and play.

There are sure to be more animals on the way to play here.



  1. now you just need the pony in the backyard ! sounds fun..

  2. We have animals here, and I was surprised they were a hit! Even more surprised when you say the girls love it too!

    Glad you found something amazing that lasts 20 minutes. That IS a long time.

  3. Animals are an ESSENTIAL round these parts. They just keep giving and giving and when the girls play together with them? I get at least 10 mins time to myself - win!

    Hope you have a great weekend Clairey!

  4. I'd have been skeptical too about the popularity of animals around here but you've inspired me to try something new after we get through the birthday festivities & the novelty of those toys (& a new brother!) wear off! I especially love the idea of them going outside to use things to decorate the "diorama". Xxx

  5. GREAT idea! Looks like lots of fun for them!


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