Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: #dressdare

I am partaking in Dress Dare which is being run by Fox In Flats

And I am not enjoying it. Will struggle to last the week.


  1. Good on you! I chickened out when I saw the weather forecast ;)

  2. Good on you. Not sure I could that kind of challenge.

  3. Well done for giving it a go!
    The idea is to try something you may not have ordinarily done, take you out of your comfort zone a bit & see if you like it. But like the time I tried bungy jumping, it's not for everyone!!!
    I've struggled a bit this week too (usually a jeans person) but have taken extra time to experiment and realise I've probably got more to wear if I can get my dresses to be more versatile. Also made me realise I dont really have many dresses I really love....

  4. You are a stunner, Clairey. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Unfortunately, living in the coldest state in Australia, I don't own a great number of dresses!!

  5. You Look gorgeous. This weather is making the challenge extra hard. No idea what dress I will wear tomorrow.

  6. You are gorgeous Claire, I wore a dress for the first time in ages to blogopolis ...kind of long dress with leggings :-)

  7. Gorgeous! I like dresses, so I guess this would have been easier for me... but it's been a little cold lately! I find dresses so easy - one thing and you're ready to go. Although breastfeeding has certainly narrowed my choices! Keep rocking it x


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