Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Since you've been gone.

Dear Mr H,

Since you've been gone things have been ok.

Not once have I needed to pick up the wet bath mat and dirty jocks from the bathroom floor that you usually leave as my early morning gift each day.

No one has asked "Where's the meat" when I serve up a vegetarian dish that has taken me the last hour to cook.

There seems to be hardly any washing and I have just realised how many times a day you change your clothes and how much washing you create.

The fridge does not need filling.

There are no empty mugs of Milo hiding down beside the couch, leftover from your late night snack. Ditto, half empty packets of chips.

I have not got into the car and found the petrol light to be on when I need to get somewhere in a hurry.

I have had to pick up dog shit every day.

I am wondering if I will have to get the lawns done while you swishy tail it along the River Seine on the weekend.

Your filing system sucks. Those piles of paper you leave around the house  are not appropriate. They are now gone.

You know how you don't like to put a box in the recycling, in case someone realises we now have something that they want. Gone. No longer the centre piece of our lounge room.

Rest up, enjoy your trip. You have work to do on your return.

Love from
Mrs H


  1. My hubby is away at the moment too. I am noticing the same things you are!

    My food bill this week will be mighty small for once!

  2. Think you forgot to say the bed is bigger (but colder!)

  3. Heehee this made me giggle. A friend of mine's husband has just started going away for work regularly and she keeps commenting on how much cleaner everything is when he is not there

  4. I definitely notice less work when Mr is away! I love your letter...of course! Not that we don't miss them for the good things they do right? :) xxx

  5. Funny! I would have less dishes to do because he uses every one we have to cook a meal or make a sandwich. I would also go mad if he stayed away too long because the CrashKids would outnumber me ;)

  6. . . . and now I have Kellie Clarkson stuck in my head!

  7. Im hearing you! Luke has been away week days for the last 2 months and not once have i found an empty drumstick wrapper stuffed between the lounge cushions, or been greeted in the morning with dirty jocks on the bathroom floor :)

  8. Mr Woog returns at midnight tonight. No orange leather handbag? No entry xx

  9. Does Mr H go away often? My husband is ALWAYS travelling. So much so, that when he returns it's like, "You're ruining my routine!"

    And life is SO much easier. And much less messy.

    I'm always happy to see him on his return, but there is an adjustment period that starts around the second hour home and lasts for around 24 hours...

    I hope you all can survive until he returns home. xx

  10. You can be quite stern, and I like it!


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