Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strip shopping and $100 giveaway voucher

Don't you just love supporting your local stores?

I recently headed down to do some shopping in the local shopping strip near us. I will do anything to avoid the major shopping centres.

Popps wearing one of the many hoodies I grabbed for her.

When I found Bump Baby and Beyond, who were having a sale I stocked up on quite a bit. So much that someone who works there noticed every time they saw the girls down the street, at the gym, at dancing, creche...they seemed to be wearing something from this store.

We got chatting and to further support the store I said I would be happy to give them a plug on Facebook, but they have also said they will give one of my readers a $100 voucher to spend in store!

They are online, but in the store is so so so much more.

And for this week all gift vouchers are half price...odd concept, but if you want a $50 voucher, you only pay $25! Think I might get myself a few, valid for four months too.

On top of this they have a huge sale starting on Thursday, items starting at $2 for three days.

They are located in Niddrie, 481a Keilor Road which is just near the library. So if you are a Melbourne Westie get over there.

Leave me a comment if you want the 100 smackers to spend on maternity or kids clothes (or both) and I will draw it on Monday night using Just leave the comment by 8pm.

You can enter if you are not close by and want to use the voucher online too.

See, yet another reason you should take a walk down to the local shops and support the local community...they notice.


  1. Ew. Shopping Centres. I avoid them as much as possible and only venture when ABSOLUTELY unavoidable.

    And love this! So glad they noticed. For your sake and all the Melbourne 'westies'. (Unfortunately, I'm not one of them - doh!)


  2. Good on you Cobs! Go the half price vouchers, bloody great idea.
    P.S. Your gorgeous girl is sooooooo grown up, just so beautiful.
    Miss you, Miss Meg xx

  3. Yeeeessss! Strip shops are so much better. That was my number one criterion when we bought a house. Husband thinks I'm mad but he doesn't spend all day at home or do the shopping! Lucky you having this so close.

    Happy shopping!

  4. Count me in, you gotta love this neighborhood!

  5. Some shopping centres I find better then others. We are close to the largest shopping centre in QLD but I don't go there much as it so busy and exhausting to walk through. There are some lovely little ones that are great to visit and the speciality store that have lots of lovely little things I have never seen are my fav!
    I would love to go shopping for the kids on their online store. Thanks for showing them to me :)

  6. I love shopping at my local strip shopping predict, Cotton Tree. Even the fruit and veg shop is funky. I get excited over its display of cherry tomatoes. Sad but true!

  7. looks like funky clothes!! sounds good will have a look online and stock up on xmas pressie for my little girls!!

  8. Perfect. I live local and my sister is due in four weeks. Fingers crossed.

  9. Ooh I'm heading past there on Thursday.

    I love strip shops but have a toddler boy who runs out onto roads, so am stuck with centers for the moment :(

  10. Go the local stores!!! Love poking round these type of stores rather than BIG unwelcoming chain stores :o)

  11. Hate shopping centres. Detest them. Gah!

  12. I wish we had some great shops locally.
    How cute are those clothes though!

  13. They even have items for my boys,hoodies and pjs incredible prices. I love strip shopping anywhere. My friend had a baby 2wks ago too, I will tell her about this site.

  14. I'm on the hunt for maternity clolthes at the moment so this is perfect timing for me :)

  15. Wow, this is so generous! It's so great finding deals.

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com


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