Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yellow Daisies

Buying flowers is one of the little things we don't spend money on.

We have a great rose garden that flowered for many months last year and allowed me to have fresh flowers in the house for a long time. The winter months have meant we have been flower free indoors for what feels like forever.

This week, I don't know what happened, but Melbourne got a burst of warmth, some sun and some warm winds. We had enough time to spend outside  to run around and pick the daisies and the daisy bushes are huge and filled with little flowers that are easy for tiny hands to pick.

I have never been a huge fan of the simple daisy before.

Now I know that some days a bunch of daisies is all the table needs to look a little sunny.

And I can feel summer approaching.



  1. And isn't the thought of summer just so exciting? Beautiful daisie and so glad you shared them. With the warm weather we're having in Melbourne, I can almost smell spring!


  2. Feels like it has been a long winter here in Perth, those daisies brighten things up a treat!!

  3. you can feel it in the air cant you?!
    I love the beautiful sunny colour of daisy's, sure to brighten your day! x

  4. They look beautiful, and exactly what summer looks and smells like:)

  5. Hasn't the weather been strange? But oh how I love me some warm weather. One can do anything when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Those daisies look super sunny x

  6. Isn't it wonderful how a little warm weather and colour can lift the spirit> The flowers are gorgeous!

  7. Sometimes the simplest touch of colour can transform anything. Just gorgeous.


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