Monday, August 8, 2011

A horsey post

There is a little niece of mine who is totally horse mad.

Since the age of three she has been riding her ponies and taking part in the rural pony club. She has collected a huge number of items relating to all things horsey over the years along with many ribbons for competing at horse events. I was keen to see what Miss Abbey thought of the new DVD Secretariat. All about a famous American horse, I expected this new Disney movie could be just the one she would love.

She was thrilled to have it arrive and promptly sat down with her Mum to watch it.

It was a bit heavy for an eight year old.

She sent me this

I didn't like the start of the movie as it was a bit boring and sad.
It was hard to follow and I had to ask mum what was going on.
I really liked the part where the horse had a foal, and all the horse racing parts.I like Big Red the horse he was very nice and very fast.
I would watch it again but it was a bit long.


The start includes the death of the parents and there are topics along the way that she needed to ask Mum to explain. She also found it a bit tough going to understand the story line at times as the concepts were a bit above her Grade 2 level.

Her Mum thought it was actually quite good. She enjoyed it but admitted she is a little horse mad herself and wasn't sure if non horsey people would be so enthralled. She also suggested it was for an older child to watch, or if your younger children are watching it, to certainly watch it with them to explain certain issues and concepts.

The pony club Miss Abbey attends is hosting a fundraising day to raise money for Breast Cancer Research, together with the PR firm HayStac (who supplied the DVDs) we decided to assist them with their efforts and have donated my spare copy of Secretariat to be raffled off to another horse loving person, who is bound to enjoy this movie and contribute to raising vital funds for cancer research at the same time.

Abbey and her Mum

Secretariat is available on DVD in stores this week from August 10th. It is rated G and is the true story of an amazing horse. Check it out.


  1. Thanks clairey for the lovely photo for me!! yes it s movie for the horse mad like me and miss abbey..

  2. What is it with young girls and horses? Going through it with our 2 year old Melakai who adores them!!! Keep up the good work Claire.


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