Monday, August 22, 2011


Instagram is where I pretend I am a talented photographer, just add a ready made filter and a dodgy photo gets a new look.

Last week I also lost an hour when I started playing around with an online photo site that will turn all my Instagram images into a printed book.

I love great photos, mainly of the girls of course. I ad just not very good at capturing them.

As the digital camera died a few months ago I am also just using the phone camera now too.

Here are a couple from the last few days

Pretty in sleep, and the last grow suit we will ever have.

Working from home, I need to reorganise the desk area, maybe totally move it, but with the desktop, laptop and two iPads going it is getting a little squishy. And remote access has to be on the laptop, I truly need it all.

A reminder of how well they really do get along

I love this image, Immy is very independent and bossy and determined. Usually I would want them to take off the ballet clothes, but she insisted on wearing them for the day. Plus the too small hat. I can just see her thinking up her next request and trying to work out how she was going to get her own way.


  1. Who said you ain't a talented photographer? That image of Immy is gorgeous!

  2. The cuddling photo is so beautiful. One to treasure.
    I haven't gotten into instagram yet, still struggling with keeping up with everything else. But I must get into it. I feel like I'm being left behind!!! :)

  3. Maybe immy is just like her mum.. bossy and like to get her own way !!! only her sister can say that.. OMG Immy is like you.. Immy into ballet and wears it everywhere liek ab and her horse stuff..

  4. These are so great. I love instagram. I would love a photo of my girls hugging right now as all they seem to do at the moment is fight!

  5. Lovely pic Claire :) Now that is a serious lot of computers you have going there!!

  6. That last photo is just gorgeous! great pictures xx

  7. Gorgeous pics.
    'the last grow suit we will ever have' brought a tear to my eye. Brings back sweet memories of my own baby girls' xx

  8. wow Claire, I can't believe how big Imogen is now and she is definately a "mini-Claire"! Have been enjoying your blog and am loving your photos, who says you don't have talent!!


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