Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Fairy visits

Little minds with no TV can lead to a very imaginative place.

When I was dragged in to see the result of Popps having to play quietly for a few hours I could see she had put in significant thought to the whole concept of inviting a fairy to visit.

Her plan was that if she made a place welcoming enough then the fairies would have to visit. If they didn't then that would probably be because they aren't real.

Her bedhead is the perfect place for the fairy land to be and it meant that she would try very hard to hear them when she slept.

She started with drawing the red mushroom and sticky taping that to the bed, a tiara to make them feel like princesses, some golden shoes with specially folded tissues to make them more comfortable for little fairies and a lounge chair stolen from Polly Pockets boat so the fairy could have a rest.

A fairy card with a picture of a fairy, in case that was one of the fairies friends and a note that reads

I want to know if you are real if so please write back to me (with a full stop after each word).

A box was recycled and turned into a sleeping area for the fairies, with soft toys for them to cuddle incase they got lonely.

A little piece of paper was ripped up and a tiny bit of crayon was broken down to provide the fairies with the tools to leave her a letter to confirm they exist. She also knew that they would never arrive with the light on or if she was awake.

For the first time ever, she was in bed at 7 pm, lights off and shooing me out the door to get to sleep.

And the fairies? They did visit.


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