Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little towns and a little history.

Can you imagine what people will read about us in 100 years time?

Will they pick up the Herald Sun newspaper, read Andrew Bolt and think his were the views of our era? Will they look at the stats of A
Current Affair and think we all watched and believed it?

Who knows.

I really like history, especially Australian history.

When we went to Walhalla the town had recently tidied up the war memorial from the first world war and our guide gave us the history of it.

Take a look?

Notice anything?

Start with the American spelling of Honor.

That there is not a single name on the memorial, a mining town full of young men, yet no names of any lost in the war.

And the dates. Wrong again.

The mines in Walhalla started closing in 1911, people left, the train finally arrived, the war started, the people kept leaving, the money ran out, the men went to war.

Those that remained in this isolated area wanted a memorial for the towns fallen. But they had no idea what was going on, and they were all planning on leaving town too.

So they guessed.

They just guessed how long the war might go for and it is presumed they were still to know the names of any men (boys really) that were not to return.

So they did what they could to honour the lives of our ANZACS. And made a shrine a little the same, but different to all the other towns around the country. So often we just walk straight by them without really taking a look.

Do you like history? Do these little things interest you when you visit a town?


  1. I love visiting cemeteries wherever I go. Seeing whole plots dedicated to entire clans and reading the details on the headstones can give you such an amazing picture of the past. And I've taken to taking guided tours wherever I go, just to learn the history of a place or landmark.

    So, no, you're not alone in liking history....

  2. Wow- they guessed?? And nearly got it right. Sadno memorial for those men.

  3. You are very observant Claire, Jayne @our great southland would enjoy this post. She is a history buff!
    I admit I second glance but hardly pay much attention. I feel a little guilty now.

  4. We spent an entire day at the War Memorial in Canberra last month and the children were absolutely intoxicated by the guide who showed us around. All of our wars provided so many stories behind the stories, sadly most of them incredibly tragic. I loved this post.

  5. Great post. I'm fascinated by history too. Especially cemeteries. I love finding the oldest graves and seeing husband and wife together, imagining what their lives were like so long ago. And the grandest graves with angels and statues, they often have a brief story on them. There's a little cemetery near our place that looks modern at the front but I've spied some old, forgotten-looking graves right at the back in the bushes that I really want to read. My other half thinks I'm mad! lol

  6. We were very lucky to have that pointed out to us - we would have kept walking right by and never known that piece of history. There are so many amazing stories out there that rarely see the light of day; it's a matter of searching for them.


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