Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do you know you eat with your eyes?

I was going through a stash of items that have arrived here in recent weeks to see what I could pass on to some of my friends, readers, Facebook friends etc.

I was flicking through a book wondering who might like it when I realized I had now read the first 40 pages and actually I might keep this one for myself.

There is nothing ground breaking in it but it talks about the effects of marketing on all of us.

It was a reminder to me how we all eat with our eyes. Wine makers spend lots on making sure the label will convince us the wine tastes great, put the same thing in a clean skin bottle and our eyes and minds devalue the wine instantly.

Research on kids shows that if you put the Maccas they love in plain packaging that they don't actually like it and that it only takes one viewing of a commercial for a toddler to become aware of and then desire a product.

It could be a can of tomatoes or a loaf of bread but there are certain things as consumers we choose because of packaging, not taste, we usually don't even know it.

This book gave me tips on getting control back of the eating habits for our household. A little reminder that I will choose what my children need to eat, not food marketers and certainly not the two year old.

What foods do you taste with your eyes?

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  1. I am a visual person and a marketer's dream. Having said that, I now buy a lot of Home Brand foodstuffs that I wouldn't have previously picked off the shelf. The not only taste great, are cheaper and also tend to contain less additives. Woolies/Safeway pure cocoa powder is a good example.

  2. Looks like an interesting book. I'm a bit of a food Nazi as you may know, especially when it comes to the Bebito's food and I spend A LOT of time planning what we eat, cooking, encouraging eating and cleaning up. For me, it's so important to get him started off well with these things. The MIL walked in with a Freddo frog for the Bebito the other day and I wouldn't let him have it. It wasn't a special occasion and at his age I don't want him consuming a Freddo before lunch! The Mr actually does most of the grocery shopping off a list that I write and so we try to make sure we don't impulse buy or overspend. I'm a fusspants when it comes to fruit & it is definitely something I eat with my eyes. Sorry about the essay! :)

  3. Absolutely. I am definitely influenced by the packaging. It takes a lot of strength (and a reminder by looking in my wallet) to buy the home brand / plain label packaging!


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