Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If you see an Angel

Today is Lochie's Birthday

It will be a day for us to share a happy meal at Maccas and light a candle to burn all day as we remember him. Remembering the happy moments and sharing these with the Little Hueys.

I thought I would share a poem with you that my Dad wrote not long after he lost his first grandchild. It is called, If you see an Angel.

If you see an Angel with the brightest reddest hair,
Send him back to Gre Gre, they really miss him there
Take him to his Mum who loves him very much,
She would give the world to feel his gentle touch,
Or give him to his Dad who’s being really strong
He needs his little helper in the ute where he belongs.

If you see an Angel with the blue, blue eyes,
Take him to his Mama, cause she often cries
For her Angel in the garden where he used to play,
Bring him to his Poppy, no words that he can say
To quell the pain that burns, inside our breaking heart
While we grieve for the angel, who tears our hearts

If you see an Angel, who’s playing all alone,
Take him to young Matty, who’s also on his own.
They could play for hours together with their little toys
And cause all kinds of mischief just like other boys.
Or a nurse with little Abbey his brand new baby sister
He was proud of her, he’s really going to miss her.

If you see an Angel digging out some weeds
Send him to his Papa, for an Angel’s what he needs,
His Grandma saves in her heart a very special place
For her precious little boy with the cheeky smiley face
So if you see and Angel with the brightest reddest hair
Send him home to Gre Gre, they really love him there

Happy Birthday Lochie.
We miss you.


  1. What a beautiful poem, it is so so personal and heartfelt. He was such a beautiful little boy.
    Thinking of your family today... x

  2. I feel many Angels with you and your family today, Claire. Sending you all my love, plus a few extra bits and some rainbow cupcakes.

  3. Oh Claire, such a tragic loss and such beautiful words. Sending your family my thoughts xx

  4. What a beautiful poem your Dad wrote. Happy birthday for him, to you all xx

  5. So much love to you all today Claire. What a beautiful poem.


  6. Sending love. Happy birthday, beautiful boy.

  7. Your dad has a beautiful way with words. Thinking of you all today. x

  8. Thinking of you and your family. What a beautiful, heartbreaking poem. What a wonderful thing to remember him by x

  9. Beautiful poem, brought me to tears. Enjoy the happy meal in his memory xo

  10. It is such a beautiful poem and wonderful tribute to his memory. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't begin to imagine. I hope today is a lovely day of warm, rich memories.

  11. Oh Claire. I'm so, so sorry. This is the first time I've read about Lochie. You're Dad's poem is simply heartbreakingly beautiful.

    I read your post about organ donation and about how you felt about the recipients and their failure to continue to give thanks. I agree with you, utterly. I do not think I could receive such a gift without wanting to KNOW the people, or at the very least, thank them, as often as possible via letters, cards, photos etc.

  12. Sending love. Hope the day is beautiful and peaceful xx

  13. Oh I have no words, only tears. Simply the most heartbreakingly beautiful poem I've ever read. Wishing you all so much peace on this sad day x

  14. Fark, I should have saved this one for home, Clairey. It's a state of emergency at work as I've just got back from the bathroom (and fending off at least six concerned colleagues)... ah... boy. It goes without saying that I found your father's poem so beautiful.

    Sending you love. x

  15. i must thank my lovely sister for sharing my beauitful boy story.. he would be 12 today , and 8 in angel high little man. xxxxxxx mum

  16. Dearest darling little boy. I can imagine how much you are loved and missed. Thinking of your family C xxx

  17. I'm so sorry he is not with you all Claire. Love to you all xx

  18. Oh Claire. So, so beautiful. Love to you and your family. xxx

  19. Ohhhhh Cobs, what a beautifully sensitive and heartfelt poem from your Dad. Putting into words the emotions of this kind of magnitude are too much for most of us to comprehend.
    I wish I'd read this earlier so I could have been thinking of Lochie & your family all day, especially T, A & the kids. Last year we went to Macca's in his memory.
    12 years old today and not a day has gone by where he has not been cherished and treasured by you all.
    Happy birthday angel boy xx

  20. Such beautiful words. Happy birthday to your family's little angel. xx

  21. Just want to say, between my blubbering and snuffling, how absolutley beautiful and heart wrenching I found your Dad's poem to be. Sometimes words can't convey the way our hearts feel but i think in this case your Dad has done exactly that. Makes me want to hug my children extra tight tonight. xo

  22. I cannot find the words to express how moved I am by this poem. It's perfect.

  23. What a truly beautiful poem. I'm filled with tears and love for you all. I truly hope you're all able to enjoy some family time and share some lovely moments in Lochie's memory.

  24. Oh darling, what a beautiful poem. You made me cry and gave me goosebumps. I feel for you and my heart aches for your loss. xo

  25. Oh, this poem is so beautiful, and so so sad.

    It's not fair to lose a boy so young. And my thoughts and prayers are with your family as you miss your Lochie.


  26. It is a beautiful poem for a precious boy. Happy birthday Lochie.


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