Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting reddy. For Daniel

Awareness is key to making changes.

Out of sight out of mind is too often the case.

So today we are wearing red. To remember Daniel Morcombe and the too many other children that are abused.

Because the more people who show that as a community we won't tolerate those who abuse children, the closer we come to saving another child.

Support the foundation if you can.

And link up with if you are a blogger and joining in.

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  1. We are wearing red too, for Daniel and all the other children .

  2. So, so beautiful. Love these words. Thanks for linking up Clairey x

  3. you are so right. We WILL NOT TOLERATE this!

  4. Beautiful words. We are wearing red today too.

  5. Beautiful post & I love those shoes!


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