Monday, August 29, 2011

More kids books that we are loving

We have now paid a fortune in library fines for the Ladybug girl books that Immy has fallen in love with and have been searching for something else we could also share with her.

 'Annie's Chair' is a great one for little kids. But "Press Here" is an absolute gem that I can't say enough that you need to get it for any kids under 6.

Today we got a delivery in the mail for Immy, a brand new book, I was going to review it some time next week, but as I have now read it six times since I got home from work I can tell you it is a winner.

A little girl and her magic hula hoop. Zoe and Beans is a lovely story. If you are extremely fussy about the books your little kids get to read (which I am overly controlling with) you will be a happy camper with this one. No scary or tense moments. Illustrations that are lovely to view over and over and best of all some pages with big words where even the smallest child learns to 'read' the page. As in 'snap' or 'big' but Immy particularly liked the elephant that got fatter and fatter and fatter and FATTER.

I am trying to get the Youtube to embed in here, it wont work, so click here and take a look.

We get most of our books from the library and I only purchase the ones I think are really worth it. If it has a wiggle, an iggle piggle, inappropriate words, boring images or tension that I feel is unnecessary for toddlers than it gets thrown out (or back to the library), or never makes it here in the first place. The three here ones I suggest are actually worth getting.

Oh, and yesterday I had a giveaway, the winner was number 14 Sarah - I will be emailing you soon!!!



  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I share similar criteria as you for my kids books...
    I love Deborah Niland's book "Chatterbox" too, a big favourite here.
    x Rhi

  2. I did like your pony joke over at Kate's, my boys are going to love that in the morning! It will be nice to have a rudey bottom joke that they (or me over and over again!)have not actually heard before.

  3. My husbie hit the 'no more kids books' button again on the weekend. I'm obsessed, the kids are obsessed, he's just obsessed by the amount of room they take up on the bookshelves! Luckily I had already snuck Press Here into the mix. You're right, it's a gem! x

  4. Little Miss 3 is really becoming obsessed with stories lately so I'm going to have to check these three out :)

  5. Press Here is one of my all time favourites - absolute genius. I've read it with A and with my nieces who are a bit older than her, and they all adore it.


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