Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dad-dee c/- Queens house


Can you get me a spinny dress from the queen and a picture of the queens man?

Are you ever coming home?

Did you see my picture of you? I hanged it on the washing line so you could see it from the plane.

I gave Peppa a cuddle, she ate my biscuit. I gave her some dredgimite.

We had chocolate mousse, but it didn't have a cow on it.

Popps made a wand and wrote Imogen will be the Dad on it, I don't want to be the Dad, I am the Mum, but she made the wand magic and keeps abracadabra-ing me and making me the Dad.

Mum will throw that thing in the bin I think.

Mum said I had too many babies around today and I had to pack them up. I couldn't cos they was asleep.

Don't ring again when Octanauts is on. I can't talk then.

Immy Jimma.

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  1. Oh this is so adorable!! That is just the sweetest way to write to Daddy. My husband just left for 9 months, all i can say is communication between children & their Papa is the key. Finally after 5 deployments, i knutted out what uspets my 3rd daughter most, she worries about his safety, bless her heart. It's war, it's not safe, but now i know what to tackle, she's 10, she misses him the most.
    Imogens rock, no doubt about it, love Posie

  2. This is so sweet. How do remember it all? I try to write my toddler's cute comments and stories down but it's hard to keep up sometimes.

  3. My god you two are gorgeous girls. I will get some pressies and sent some photos by email of the king and I visiting st Pauls and buckingham palace. I love and miss you three, and peppa the dog!! Love daddy

  4. Dads always ring at the worst time, Immy - just say something really cute very quickly and he'll leave you alone. ;)

  5. That's adorable. Bet Daddy misses such cuteness very much.


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