Saturday, March 31, 2012

Freaky talk at a conference

All conferences have a bit of networking and if you are lucky and get to sit on a table of interesting people some decent conversations can get rolling.

At the blogging conference I went to on Friday there was discussion that one of the swag bags could possibly have a dead mouse in it.

This freaks me out.


I had to let the host know that if a mouse was in my bag, vomit could follow, panic screeching then end in fainting.

Lucy confirmed she felt exactly the same.

Give us a slug, mouldy lunch boxes, a stampeding elephant, but not a filthy scampering whisker twitching mouse.

This lead to other people admitting the irrational fears they had, amongst the list were: Falling off a pier, or more precisely your children falling off a pier; Falling off a balcony, especially a high rise building balcony and Leeches.

To me these are things you can control, it's not like a leech jumps from behind the fridge and crawls over your feet spreading its filth, and if you don't like piers you can pretty much see it before you walk on it. If I have control, I don't have the fear.

But that is the trouble with irrational things. It seems you can't control them.

What's yours? What silly thing just freaks you out?


  1. We have somewhat of a huntsman spider plague happening in our house, particularly in the bedrooms and car! They are harmless but since they are hugest spiders you have ever seen they totally freak me out. Especially if I see one and then it disappears. They move quick. If it appears while I'm driving I have to stop the car and can't keep driving until it is found. If it's in the bedroom and disappears I make my hubby search for it until it's found and "relocated' otherwise I can't sleep. Totally irrational. Actually, I don't particularly like mice either :-D

    1. On the inside of the car this would be a little worrying!

  2. Ok - it's odd, but I am seriously freaked out by icy pole sticks. Ok you can laugh now. But the thought of licking them literally sends shivers up my spine. Needless to say, I am not a paddle pop girl. But will occasionally make an exception for a magnum - but only if I can bite the ice-cream off the stick. No licking allowed. ;)

  3. I'm freaked out by wire coat hangers. I'd they get tangled I almost have a panic attack! Crazy!
    Wish I got to talk to you more :(

  4. Oh I thought my little girl was going to topple over a ledge today when being held by another child and my heart got stuck in my throat, felt physically ill even though I could SEE she was actually safe and there was a barrier behind them!

    Also. Mice. Yuck yuck.

    Icy pole sticks is kinda cute though ;)

    Everyone laughs at my balloon phobia. I hide it okay, but cannot bear touching them or having people blow them up near me. It is scary.

  5. I'm plus one with leeches. So gross!!
    My BIGGEST fear is petrol tankers. I get panicky and feel like I'm going to vomit around them. I've run away from many in my lifetime. What if they blow up?!
    Also clowns scare the absolute poos out of me. Cannot do it.

  6. You saw me. Totally freaked. I am now sweating at that image and feel violently ill...

  7. Frogs, blurgj! Make me want to hurl. Can't stand their slippery, shiny skin or their terrible noises. The other thing that makes me want to run a mile is coriander. Can't. Abide. It. If I smell it, or taste it, I get the hee bee jee bees!!!!

  8. Kids and heights don't mix for me... I can relate to the pier thing (and to Kate's comment). But yes, irrational fear of mice and frogs. I go nuts.

    What a great ice-breaker conversation for your table!

  9. We actually used to have a pet mouse! It was my brothers and although it was all kinds of feral at the beginning, we kinda grew to love it! I'm a spider-hater! They make my blood boil. Even writing about it grosses me out!

  10. Kate's comment made me feel unwell. Piers it is. Just ugh.

  11. I'm having a quiet giggle thinking about a mouse in your bag. I'm assuming all was okay then?

    And come to think of it, I don't know if I have any... oh hang on. Yes I do. I can't stand people touching their eyes.

    I can watch heart surgery, but someone turning their eye inside out.


  12. any thing that has feathers can get my hands sweating and the legs running to get away!!!


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