Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts from my head when doing the grapevine

Tonight I have completed a class called 'Fat Burner'.

Beside me was a Jane Fonda wannabe. Kicking up her legs with much finesse, burning her way through the pretend fat somewhere on her body.

As I lumbered through like a dying seal I wondered what this lady thinks about during these classes, because my mind covers a million things.

My mind wanders past grape vine and easy walk to:

I hope the kids are asleep when I get home.
I bet She Who Never Sleeps will be awake.
It's getting so dark.
I hate winter.
What should I blog about next?
Wonder if anyone read my blog today?
Shit, is my pelvic floor going to hold?
Crap, back to double grapevine, I'm still on L shape.
That lady has a nice top on.
What time is it, how much more of this do I have to do?
I look terrible in the mirrors here, glad I don't look like that all the time.
If I try hard in this class, should I give myself a food reward?
Is anyone else as red and puffed as me?
Jumping scissors move...are you serious lady, pelvic floor for god sake.
I can't breathe.
This hurts.
I hate this class.
I hate this Jane Fonda woman.
Was childbirth this painful?
Wow, Oasis song, used to love this song...opps easy walk, missed it again
Wonder what's happening on twitter?
Would it be rude to check my emails during the sit ups bit?
Am I addicted to social media?
What is Jane Fonda doing now, Jesus the women is going to split in half.
It's over.
Thank god it's over.


  1. Oh yes. I know it well. And no, of course you're not addicted to social media - because if you are I definitely am! Thanks for the pelvic floor reminder :-)

  2. My thoughts exactly as I struggle through Bootcamp each week. Except for the twitter bit, I can't get my head around twitter.

  3. Great to hear I'm not the only one with multiple thoughts and pelvic floor concerns. Love you blog.

  4. Haha. LOVE THIS. So true. You NEED to read my gym post from today. It's sadly the first time I reference poop on my blog. SUCH a highlight. I know you'll feel my pain. ;)

  5. Lol my thoughts exactly ...well some of them.
    You are awesome and you have come so far . Well done Clairey .

  6. Ha Ha! this is exactly like my thoughts. I actually did a similar post 2 weeks ago
    Isn't it amazing where our minds take us when they are trying to ignore the pain. Sounds like your fitness journey is going great guns! good luck :o)

  7. My thoughts are very similar indeed except without the going to the very good for you gym class! I can't ever switch off the thoughts and it more than occasionally drives me nuts! I really need to learn to meditate properly.

  8. LOL. Yep. Thought I was inside my own head there for a moment ...

  9. Yep, your thoughts are not alone! Very funny, Claire. :)

  10. Oh yes! I think it's called multi-tasking and it's something us mums are very good at ;)

  11. Hehehehe...Love this!

    Even while I was reading this, I was doing the same thing... I really should go to the know, at some point in the future... wonder what I will have for lunch today... twitter? did someone say twitter?

    See - easily distracted, but still able to multi-task with the best of them! :)

  12. Bahaha! It's totally possible for any of us to think all of that in the space of a few minutes. It's been a long time since I've been anywhere near a 'fat burner' class, but I must confess that lately I've been thinking it's almost time to join a gym. I'm sure I'll remember this post on my first visit, especially if I see a Jane Fonda!

  13. Ha! Love it and know the feeling. My mind often wanders when it shouldn't. Keep going, soon you'll be the Jane Fonda of the class ;)

  14. I can't think in my gym classes - the times I have I tend to sprain an ankle, drop a weight on my foot, crash into the mirrors. So no quite focused. Except I have noticed that our gym has mirrors that makes you look rather skinny - so I am completely fixated on staring at what I look like as a Size 8.

    Then I go home to the food reward...
    Well if I look that good I deserve it don't I?

  15. god i can see you there thinking all those things!! and grapevine!!!!!

  16. hahaha I love this:) This is exactly what I am like! I find thought that I have girlfriends like this too and when we get together we start a conversation there is no know what silly direction it will take

  17. lol I have some of my best thoughts when exercising - just cant write them down or remember them after. So glad I'm not the only one that has a mind that wanders.


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