Tuesday, March 6, 2012

White Space gone mad?

On the weekend Mr H and I took off for our first weekend together sans kids in over six years.

Amazing that it took that long, but that is just the way things worked out.

The place we went to was a little on the fancy pants side and we decided to eat at the restaurant there too. Mr H was starving when we arrived, as was I, but that is a constant for me now as I am on this rather limited diet.

He ordered the lamb, I ordered the superfood salad. I suggested that we order a side salad but the waitress confirmed that the lamb was one of the biggest dishes on the menu and came with veggies and a serve of mash - or pommes to be precise.

Mr H was served a very very large plate.

While in much of my design work in marketing I request white space and in brochures and adverts white space is often your friend. This is not so when serving a hungry man.

From deep inside of me I willed with all my might for Mr H's bogan heritage not to rise up. But my mystic powers are long gone.

He called the waitress over in her crisp starched uniform and informed her he had indeed requested the main, not the entree. Yes sir, she replied, you have been served the main.

He gave the death stare of the hungry man who is served three mouthfuls of food when they are paying a hefty price for the privilege to eat somewhere.

When we finished our mains, three seconds after they hit the table, I suggested we order dessert. I had to coax Mr H to even look at the menu, so keen was he to just jump in the car and head to the next pub for a decent meal. One where white space on the plate would be filled with side salad or chips.

We did have a lovely time away, finished a conversation and a bottle of wine. But we wont be returning to view the beauty of white china.

Do you love fine dining and huge white plates or prefer to leave a restaurant without still feeling hungry?


  1. I love and have fine dining. I love it cos it feels posh but I hate it cos it's a rip-off.

    When I went to Mauritius about 7 years ago, the hubby picked a posh resto for a romantic dinner(where he also proposed). Bloody hell it was expensive but we got each a piece of chicken as big as an iPhone and a pile of mashed potato which could have fit a 240ml rice cooker cup. I didnt get too pissed about the food, cos after all my man proposed, lol.

    1. whoopsy, I meant I love and HATE fine dining.

  2. lol My husband sounds exactly like yours....we have eaten at fine restaurants but he would much rather a steak and chips at the pub...a full plate! On another note, I have serious plating up issues :)

  3. I think it's sometimes made worse by the massive plates used. I often breakfast out with some girlfriends and we laugh that we can barely fit four plates on a four-person table! (Plus it pisses us off as there's no space for glasses etc!)

    1. I miss going out for breakfast, it has been one of the things that dried up post kids...I look forward to it returning - with plates filled with yummy treats.

  4. I like to leave the restuarant feeling like I have had a decent meal that I didn't have to think of, shop for, cook and then clean up afterwards (although it is rare that I have to do all that anyway !!!)

    Glad you had a good time away anyway.

    Have a great weekend !

  5. I'm a full plate kind of girl. I think it's possible to have good food and a decent serving of it. Luckily there are a lot of Melbourne establishments that have found the balance but like you, I am a bit out of practise on these things. =)

    PS: Speaking of full plates, my kids love Sizzler. My son said "That's my favourite place ever, Mum". I put that down to HIS bogan heritage ie me!

  6. Hmmm, I don't know. I had boyfriends who complained about "not gettin' a decent feed" at a nice restaurant but I also think that a pub meal portion is WAY, WAY, WAAAAY too big. If you have to put the slab of parma on top of the chips to make it fit, that is too much food right there.

    Also, fine dining is often so yummy and full of fats that, in theory, should fill you up more. So I would take quality over quantity every time. Thankfully, the mister in this house appreciates that, too. Although he will eat a parma the size of his head if given the chance....

    PS/ I am not Rosemary Stanton posting in disguise....

  7. I am so impressed that he said something. I find situations like that so intimidating, although heaven knows why! All that white plate just makes me feel like I must have the appetite of a heifer! x


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