Monday, March 26, 2012

The conference is coming

This week is a biggie in parenting blog land, the conference is coming and lots of parents are heading to do the conference jig.

For some of us this conference will be more about the people in the audience than the people on the stage. My main reason for going is to meet people. Lots of them! Of course I expect to learn a bit too, but it’s the people I want to connect with.

To start with there are bloggers I met last year who I might get to speak with again this year. There are people who have done amazing things, had great success and been to interesting places. There are new bloggers that I haven’t met, both new to blogging or just new to me.

There will be brands and sponsors who are keen to use blogging and social media within their marketing strategies and I am really keen to see them and the new, innovative and responsive ways they are getting their products to market. Exhibition halls at a conference can be dull (really dull at times) but when a brand makes the effort to get it right it can be a beautiful and creative thing.

If you are new to conferences and you are going alone it can feel a bit daunting. There is only one trick I have for making this situation feel less scary.

Make a list.

Make a list of people that you want to track down. Whenever you need to look busy you actually will be, because you are looking for someone else on your list.

If you struggle to get a conversation going, then use this list – ask the person you are with if they know such and such, if they do can they introduce you, if they don’t share the reason you want to meet them.

When you do see someone you want to meet and get that nervous feeling about approaching them, you can again just say, ‘Hi, I am Claire, I was hoping to meet you, you are on my list of people to meet.” It is a compliment to them, so if they are not happy to chat with you, then cross them off and move on.

I have my own list in the making, it is kind of long, I have lots of people I want to talk to, but a few of them include:

AmyThe Misadventurous Maker - bound to be food blogger of the year one day.

Kirrily  – Sunny Side Up – Not just because she is queen of the swag bags this year, but because she is really really funny, and once told me a story about an email she sent that was not meant to be sent, which I shall remember always.

Naomi PT- Under the Yardarm -  Another Melbourne lady whose blog I read and we may need to plan some stuff for a road trip later in May.

GemmaMy Big Nutshell - We are fellow ladies living a suburban life but trying to force through the bluestone steel tin fences that surround us.

Kim – Working Women Australia - Kim was kind enough to tweet me secret locations when we went away at Christmas time to Bright. She is also doing amazing things with her blog and social media. A lady with lots going on, busy doing stuff,  I like this.
Sarah  - A Beach Cottage - I just hope that if I stand next to Sarah for a little bit, maybe some of her natural design skills will dust over me and I will be able to transform our bathrooms into something amazing.

I will be collecting business cards if you have one, but if you don't have one, try and make your own. Jody from Lemon Rhodes made great cards for an event last year and once I had all the information I needed I threw tall my cards out, except Jody's, handmade cards are the new black I tell you. Use a beer coaster if you have to, but have something to pass to people to share your blog, your business, your contact details, or even just your name.

Will I see you there? 


  1. If I had been thinking, I would have made my business cards USEFUL. Like said beer coasters..... dang, why didn't I think of that?! Next year. Jody's were really cute.

    Looking forward to sharing a story or two again with you this week! xo (and I PROMISE, no live mice for you...)

  2. Oh, no! My business cards haven't arrived yet! Is it time to start panicking?

    Love your idea of having a list. I don't think I have a list this year, so I'll just be the one looking around vaguely.. Maybe I'll follow you around and meet people on your list ;)

    1. You are welcome to follow me around anytime. The longer the list the better. See you there.

  3. But... but... *I* want to be food blogger of the year! Haha I am so looking forward to going, not even necessarily to meet anybody in particular, but to be among them all, soaking it up and watching us do our thang. Together. Not long now!!

  4. I am going and I will be one of Kirrily's Swag Dollies *score* ;) Not being a morning person (as my brain doesn't kick in until 10ish), I'm hoping the coffee cart and all the activity will keep me from looking like a deer in the headlights...

  5. Oh you are far too lovely Claire! You are my biggest champion and my blogging/marketing/mummy mentor!

    Don't worry Veggie Mama, the title of food blogger of the year is not on the horizon for me! Ha! Claire, you made my day though!xoxoxo

    I can not wait to meet you, Veggie Mama, Cherie from A Baby Called Max, Amelia from Weddings, Babies, Everything and Zoey from Good Googs and so many more! I have no idea what I'm going to say to anyone though, so if you see a blonde chick in the corner watching everyone, that will be me! ;-) No, I promise I will try to be brave!

    I'm just making some little cards at the moment too. It's getting exciting!xoxoxo

  6. You will! And I'm looking forward to seeing YOU.

  7. I'll be there Claire, and totally agree - I'm much more interested in meeting up with everyone than having to learn stuff! Fi x

  8. Have been attempting my own cards today (left too late for prof printers!) so hope nobody laughs when I hand one over. Won't ruin my excitement of meeting all those blogging idols (hopefully will remember to make list). Borrowing iPad from work to look the part too!

  9. I've been put on sway bag handouts, so it's a great way to meet people. Like Twitchy though mornings are not really my thing... so everyone excise me if I am not coherent until about 10am.

    See you soon!

  10. Love the list idea - will certainly help make it all feel a little less daunting :)

  11. Look forward to seeing you again. :)

  12. You're on my list Claire! Looking forward to seeing you in real life. Too exciting :)

  13. It will be great to see you again Cliare! I have a list... And the difference this time is I already know about 70 people, now I just need to meet more! I'm handing out biz cards with a lolly lucky-dip ( ppl dip in a pick!) but will need to be sensitive to all #nosugsr bloggers!
    See you there!

  14. Not me, but now that I'm seeing your list and all the lovely bloggers who are going... well... x

  15. I'm looking forward to meeting you Claire! It's going to be such a fun day.
    As for business cards... hmmm... is this something I should have?! Eek! x

  16. Can't wait to catch up with you again, Claire. x


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