Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some kids just play differently.

As most households in Australia we have a house with multiple buckets filled with plastic crap.

This crap is pricey and has been purchased to provide hours of fun for everyone. Well mainly hours of fun for Popps, or even an hour of fun would be good. All I really wanted was for her to play with her toys like I see other kids do.

She never seemed to do it. She doesn't wander off into imaginary play and get lost there for hours. Her dolls have collected dust, polly pocket and Little Pet Shop stuff got unwrapped, put in a drawer and that was it.

Her Kinder teacher was often astounded at how Popps could look around the room and proclaim that there was just nothing to do, if she couldn't go outside on the monkey bars.

Last Christmas when Granny asked what Popps would like for Christmas, I jokingly said "a box of crap", but Granny went off and fulfilled the request and at Christmas she delivered "The box of crap". filled with glue sticks, hole punches, string, sticky tape, feathers, face paint, throw in some bottle top lids and you are set. A girls dream box.

She doesn't play to what I perceived as 'normal'. Immy does. She plays for hours at shops, mums and dads, babies, etc.

But Popps, this is her week so far.

You know the adjustable waist in kids' pants - Immy pulled one of hers out, I put it aside to fix it up that night, but couldn't find it anywhere, I found it today, Barbie tied herself to the toy shopping trolley to bungee jump.

Couldn't find the scissors that are not to leave the kitchen drawer. When I did, I had trouble opening them. This was not for anything, just that she likes to stick things together, anything.

I constantly need to buy new wooden spoons.

Barbie has broken legs, so she needs to rest and can not be touched ever again.

School hairbands disappear quickly, we can never find them in the morning, no matter how many systems I try and put in place. I am now searching the bookshelves for them.

This is a treasure box. She is collecting them from the footpath when we walk home from school.

A few weeks ago the ballet teacher said she was still too small to do ballet on pointe. Popps went home and decided to make her own. She filled an old pair with stones found some material and got to work, apparently they are very comfortable.

Her drawers are full of sticks and feathers, stones and treasures and the odd special toy that is too special to play with...ever.

What crap do your kids collect or play with?


  1. Love it! A is more like Immy, but she'll also do things like spend 2 hours rearranging my bookshelves. Little organiser!

  2. My son who is 11 now, used to go to sleep clutching what ever he had found that day. It could of been a stick, a bolt, a piece of chain to a rock. Your should see the stuff he collects now he is bigger. For example a trip to the tip the other day saw him return with a brick like lap top! And he got it to work. The four year old miss is following closely behind.

  3. she sounds like so much fun I would love to have her in my class.

  4. I feel like you have just written a post about my daughter. she is a crafter through and through. all her toys sit perfectly placed in their containers, waiting for her to 'out grow them' trying not to be too hasty although I'd be happy to move them along now.
    this year for xmas and her birthday we requested money so she could buy one thing of value. she bought a seesaw. No toys. You're so right, everyone is different. I loved my barbies growing up, I guess we are just different.

  5. Yes! This is Bell through and through. She has piles of stuff that are all kept for a good use, I love that she can see alternative uses for things. The stationary section in shops is her mecca.

  6. Mine are still a touch too little for me to really work out how they're going to play - both love cars and trucks and all things little-boy (and plastic...) but given a chance I think mr 3 would cut and paste and stick and draw all day, while mr 1 seems to have taken a shine to dolls.

    it's fascinating how differently children play, even when given the same things.

    I want your wooden spoons!!

  7. I love this post Claire. My three girls all play so differently, my number two is a hoarder and I find the strangest collection of things in odd places, whereas number one is an organizer, everything has it's place.
    I think pops play show what a creative imagination she has! Just fabulous.

  8. I love it! She's clearly super creative and resourceful. Give Bebito a pile of flour on the kitchen bench and he is literally happy for an hour. As long as I don't mind cleaning him and the floor up! He rarely plays with anything for a long time though which has me worried about his attention span & I can't get him to pack away one thing before moving on to another for quids.

  9. She's awesomeness on two little girl legs!! x


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