Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do your neighbours know you blog? How did they find out?

This week we had to get out of town. Breast Cancer took another fine lady way before her time and we hit the road to be where we needed to be. While funerals are not a happy time, we did spend some lovely time with our family and got some amazing weather to just sit around and soak up.

While we were gone a business decided to send me some food to try out and sent me an email while we were on the road to let me know.

I requested they try another day but apparently the courier was already on its way. 

So while I am super proud of the Aussie invention of the esky, I didn't think this food would last too well for a few days out in the heat.

I started texting a neighbour, to ask if she could grab the delivery and to also please feel free to eat it. 

She said she could grab the package, but surely if I ordered this I needed it. Right?

I texted it was for this blogging thing I do, that she should just eat it, she would be doing me a favour by picking it up. 

(I hate the waste of food these days and thinking of this just going in the bin annoyed me).

Now, think back to when you had never read a blog and didn't know what they were. Now imagine someone texting you to go grab some food from a door step, because it has been sent there for a blog.

Blogger food? 

So this is just one way one of my neighbours is hearing about this blogging business stuff.  Our other neighbours think I have a job that allows me to review cars sometimes. I am not sure where they think I work.

Which of course got me wondering. Do your neighbours know you blog? Did you tell them, do you even tell anyone? 

And if you are not a blogger, if your neighbours text you to go pick up food parcels from their doorstep...I reckon you might have a blogger right next door.

Note: This image of Immy has nothing to do with this post. It was just her dancing again today, because  when you are three every little hill is a stage, and every tree an audience. And she is cute as crazy in that kaftan with crazy pigtails flying everywhere.


  1. I'm pretty sure my neighbours have no idea, but I did meet someone today for the first time who said she had come across my blog last week. It's a strange feeling to think they've had that insight into your life before you've met them!

  2. Funny story :)

    My neighbours don't even know my name! But I feel weird when colleagues say "I read your blog"...


    My hero Callan Mulvey reads my blog - I thought that was a bit of a big deal...

  3. Your girl IS as cute as crazy.

    I don't think my neighbours know. My cleaner found out accidentally the other week that I blogged - just because I left my screen open at my desk when she was cleaning the study. She's now a big fan!

    And sorry about your friend too. Cancer is horrible. x

  4. Only a couple of family members know but what I blog about doesn't really interest them anyways! :) I love how it's my own little private space away from people I know IRL :)

    1. It is funny how over time people from such different places find or read your blog!

  5. Beautiful photo, first off.

    My neighbours would have no idea, given that they are much like a mythical creature. They never come outside when they might be seen. They pop in their car in the garage and make sure to close the door before getting out....

    My family know. Mostly, they don't care. My mum reads. I don't really know many other people to tell!

    And so sorry about you friend. Cancer's a real bitch x

  6. Love that photo. And no. Most of my neighbours do not know I blog! But the other day I was chatting to one who was interested in starting one up. And so I casually mentioned that I had a blog. She was instantly fascinated! I'm sure she visits it every now and then, but never comments! (In fact, she may have started one, but I cannot find it anywhere!) Great topic!


  7. As for cancer. I hate it. And it takes too many beautiful people away from us.

    I'm sorry. xx

  8. Ask Veggie Mama how she found out who her neighbour was ;-)

  9. my neighbours know I blog, but I know they don't read. But people in my suburb read, you know school mums etc and it's funny when you share something and they're like 'oh yeah I know' and then you have to remember you've shared it on the blog.
    Sorry to hear you've had a loss.

  10. No-one in my street would know what a blog family & friends do ..some subscribe.others not. I think that photo of Immy epitomizes 3. Let's all be 3 and dance to our own voice... Love Denyse x

  11. Hee Hee - yes I saw a photo of my fence on Veggie Mama's Facebook page and realised she'd moved in next door - handy for dropping product over the fence in exchange for home baked goodies!

    Btw love the kaftan
    Btw 2 Cancer sucks!

  12. I'm sorry you had a sad week - funerals can be a mixed bag like that. You see some people you haven't caught up with for ages ... just sorry it is under those kinds of circumstances.

    My neighbours know me only as the lady who once told their kids to be careful playing on the street. I think it's best if it stays that way. =)

    Some people who know me IRL also know about my blog. It's a double edged sword for me. Always worrying about whether they can see too much of me through it. Almost feels like I'm letting them read my diary (although there is no way I would be that open on a blog). I'm cool with my internet friends reading it. That after all is the way we met. =)

  13. Sorry about your friend. Cancer can go and suck it.

    Blogging? I am out (and not always proud) My doctor, all of the kids school's staff (including principal) and heaps of other school parents read my blog. It is not until I think about some of the shit I write do I almost weep with shame x

  14. I've started telling more people about my blogging. Because it's still a hobby for me (am yet to get to the monetisation stage) I feel a bit self-conscious trying to explain why I do it etc. But I try to explain that it's a medium for my writing - having decided I'm not cut out for writing a novel and have no interest in poetry and short stories and the like. (And that mostly shuts them up!)

  15. Firstly, so sorry for your loss. Secondly, how gorgeous is your little free spirit??

    I've no idea if my neighbours now, but considering one set are old enough to be my grandparents they'd not even understand what I was talking about, bless em! I'm not too worried though who knows as I've been open about it from day one. I'm far from controversial so am always ok with it being out there in the world.

  16. With my Silly Mummy blog, only my hubby knows about it. He once blurted out "Rhonda wanted the bigger monitor so she can do her blog stuff" to which I shot him a Imma-gonna-kill-you-I-thought-we-agreed-you-wouldnt-open-your-big-fat-mouth" look, LMAO. But seriously, I got pissed off, although they didn't catch what he said.

    But people from some of my networks know I blog, but they've only ever read my OTHER blog which is currently set on private as I decide if to reboot it or not.

    My inlaws have a DIY website for their business and I'm sure my blog gets more traffic than their site. Sometimes I feel like saying something when they complain about their site, but I don't want them to know that I can help them... not yet, lol.

  17. My friends and family know my blog, but I've never thought about the neighbours. I don't have goodies coming to my door, though, so no cause for their alarm. I do think my postman must wonder who I am from time to time. Lots of lovely brown paper packages arriving from all over the world - but that's my addiction to Etsy, not my blog!! x

  18. I doubt my neighbours know I blog, but there are a few friends and acquaintances who have 'found' my blog. Feels a bit weird sometimes x

  19. Sorry about the loss of your loved one Claire.

    My neighbours have no idea I blog but heck they hardly know my name so not a surprise! I don't tell many people IRL about blogging. Some people know I do but few of then read which is ok with me cos that way I can be honest in ways I wouldn't be if I knew they were reading. I got recognised by someone at a local cafe and she was lovely though it was kind of spooky! I asked my Mr if he reads my blog much only the other day and he said he sees it as my own space so he'd rather not. I don't get much privacy at home I guess so I think it very amusing that a very public thing like blogging gives me space for my "private" thoughts.

    By the way, what did your neighbour say about this & how did you explain it all?

    Gracious me that photo is divine!

    1. Thanks Cat, I know exactly how you feel about your blog being a space for more private thoughts. As weird as that is!

  20. Love the photo - so cute !

    Not many people I know know that I blog and I wouldn't imagine my neighbours have any idea.

    My family know I blog but I don't think either of them have ever read it - DD couldn't be bothered to read my dribble and A wouldn't know how to find it if he wanted to !!!

    Have a great day !

  21. I hope not ...half I haven't met. The former ones I have no idea if they did or not.
    I am sorry about your friend too, cancer robs so many people of loved ones.

  22. Sorry to hear about your friend, cancer is a terrible disease, that takes too many people....... Would love to hear, read that a neighbour or neighbours were bloggers 😃


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