Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo life

I always love when I link up my phone and download all the photos. I scan through them, delete the odd dud one, but clearly not enough as there are thousands downloaded.

Our photos today just journal our lives so much. It has been said that today's child can barely move without someone taking a snap of them.

Probably true. And what a great thing it is.

The week according to my phone camera (which is the only camera I have).

If you are going to a farm, you should wear overalls. They should be the cutest overalls you ever did see.

For the cupcake lovers, this was at one of the many parties we went to last week.

When you are in Prep getting Student of the Week is a really big deal. It means you are now the lunch order monitor and apparently you can play on the monkey bars while you go.

Full version of this cake. I do love a good cake, and even though it was not within my calorie plan for the day I had a piece of the big cake and a cupcake. I would never want this type of glory to go to waste.

An image Popps took of me in the dress that I love so much I hardly take it off, along with my old faithful Elk necklace.


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry, I should confirm that this is not my creation, I just loved it at the party and thought I would share it as I know lots of my readers enjoy the art of a great cake.

  2. How cute are those overalls?!

    Oh wow! That cake is a work of art, I think it was a necessity that you ate some!

    Congratulations to Popps on her award! It's a big thing when you're in Prep!

    I love that dress! It looks great on you!

    (Sorry, you gave me so many things I could comment on, I didn't want to leave anything out!)

  3. They are the cutest overalls! The cake looks amazing, had you not had some it would have been a great shame and you look amazing in that dress!! I love my phone camera, it's so good to be able to whip it out and capture the moments I would forget with my hole-y brain.

  4. How adorable is the cake! And well done on the student of the week award - that is a big deal!!

    Oh and the dress is super cute as well!

  5. Ooh, it's almost a shame to eat that cake - how stunning is it?

    And that dress looks so comfy but super stylish at the same time. I think I need one like that (I bought the famed condom dress but it requires that you take small steps...)

    1. The condom dress was not for me, see that tummy there, in a tube dress that looks like 4 months pregnant! This dress, so so comfy and needs no dressing up.

  6. Love the dress...the cake....sometimes we just don't take time to relish in all the good stuff around us! Thx.

  7. I have the condom dress and I look seven months pregnant. I just layer over it.
    Anyway loving the cake and the dress. You look great.

    1. The Condom dress looks pretty great on everyone, it is fascinating to see how many different ways everyone is wearing it. Thanks for the lovely words too.

  8. Great photo of you.

    I wonder what her cake will be like when she turns 7...wowzers.

  9. I love that dress! And that cake! And well done Popps :)

  10. Cute cake, cute mamma. Love that dress and necklace. (Oh, and well done popps!)



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