Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From little things, big blogs grow

Once upon a time there was a Mum, lets call her Clairey, she was thinking about blogging and set off to find some decent ones to read.
Clairey arrived at the kidspot top 50 Aussie blogs list and enjoyed reading through them all and checking out all the different blogs and people behind them.
Clairey went about her business and started her own blog and a couple of years later was amazed to report that she actually got selected to be part of the 2012 Kidspot Top 50.
Clairey looked at every other blog in that list and started to poo her pants as it seems possible that she is one of (if not the) smallest blog on the list. This is scary for one little reason.
Half of the judging comes down to votes. Big blogs have lots of voters. Little ones don’t. And that is scary scary.
Clairey had one choice only.
So here I am. Begging you to give me a vote and try to win yourself $5K in the process.
Tell your friends, your enemies and use your kids email accounts if you have to.
Just a little click here, an email address and you are done.


  1. Thrilled you were finally nominated! Happy, happy, happy to have voted for you xxx

  2. So excited for you! Have already voted for you and RT'd and will continue to do so! xx

  3. Congratulations on making the Top 50! I voted for a few bloggers - and you were definitely on my list!! Love your blog - you thoroughly deserve your place in that crowd :) Best of luck x

  4. I'm happy to vote for you Clairey! Your blog is such a breath of fresh air and a joy to read. Congratulations!


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