Friday, March 23, 2012

Bits and Bobs

Some posts are just not really a story, not one topic, just bits of this and bits of that. They are not usually fun to write so I am guessing they are not that fun to read either. So why write it? Just to get the stuff out of my head, off my to do list and clear my brain. Yes, sorry dear reader, it is all about me, me and me. Except for the bits about you.

Today at work on the facebook page, I put up a tip from one of the midwives on waxing before you head off to an elective c/section. The comments made me giggle a little, so I guess I need to admit I am still a bit immature.

Yesterday I went writing elsewhere again and posted about a day out we had at Bundoora Park last weekend, I would love it if you all went and made a comment over there as I am not sure if anyone else has found it hidden in the BubHub archives yet.

I have also been reading a new book thanks to the great list provided by people on my post last week. I am reading Recipes of a Perfect Marriage suggested by Kate Sins, so Kate, you are the winner of the book. But I also plan on reading Room suggested by MichVee (I have it on order at the library)  - if it was up to me you would both be getting a copy of Putting Alice Back Together, but sadly my powers do not stretch that far.

The weekend is here. The central heating is on and I have given Mr H a project. He is to find out if we can pull out the old gas heater and reconvert the space back to the original fireplace. Right now I would love to be sitting in front of a real fire, on a bean bag, drinking wine and reading my book. (There would be no mess of ash and smoke to clean up in this day dream).

How is your list looking for the weekend?


  1. Wonderful on two counts - we both have something new to read. And I would've giggled too!

  2. Wonderful on two counts - we both have something new to read. And I would've giggled too!

  3. Wonderful on two counts - we both have something new to read. And I would've giggled too!

  4. Weekend is looking a bit umm.... Just realised I am supposed to be in not one but THREE places at the same time on Wednesday (all three are also several kilometres apart!) That's a wee problem I can do nothing about until Monday, though. Kid's soccer semi final is clashing with a girls breakfast on Sunday morning (girls breakfast comes once a month, semi-finals may never come again). I am positive I have some things on tomorrow as well, but it's not in the diary. And if it's not in the diary... it don't exist! So I am facing the weekend with some trepidation, because usually if I do happen to not write something in the diary... it's BIG when I forget it and there'll be angsty phone calls from people I've inadvertently offended. Oh well...

    (I have spent the last ten years convincing the Bloke that he doesn't need to convert our old gas heater to an open fire, so I did laugh at you doing the opposite!)

  5. We have the floor heating on mmmmmm, so warm underfoot I love it. As for this weekend work this morning then a mix of bookwork, housework, dog walking, and baking this afternoon before we add two extras for babysitting tonight. Then tomorrow we off to our house building site to have a big clean up. Action packed here! Would love a bit of R&R thrown in somewhere LOL

    Have a good one Claire.

  6. I'm trying not to even think about heating yet. Lucky, it seems Sydney is now getting a bit of the Summer sun we missed out on. SO hopefully the warmth will last a little while! Enjoy your reading.

  7. Have just turned the A/C on, and considering jumping in the pool, and it's 8.00pm! This Summer thing is going for toooo long now.
    I love that it's the weekend, but even more excited that it's only 1 week until school holidays, YAY! No more thinking about school lunches for 2 whole weeks. Enjoy your book Claire.


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