Thursday, March 15, 2012

Putting Alice Back Together. Review and Giveaway

I read another book.

Actually, at first I had done something I rarely do, I went to the bookshop and rather than buying more kids books (ok, so maybe a couple) I actually bought myself a book.

Then I received one to review.

It was interesting to receive a review copy because the cover is not on it. Not the nice pretty, much thought about, how to maximise sales cover anyway. I totally admit I pretty much always judge a book by its cover.

I thought I would read a few pages to see what it was like, but ended up ditching the book I had purchased for myself and reading Putting Alice Back Together instead.

I couldn't put it down.

I would describe this book as chick lit, but chick lit of substance (not the substance abuse kind even though Alice sure does a lot of drinking and her Valium habit is interesting).

Alice is the girl who has her shit together. Or not.

The book goes through a number of themes but one aspect I think it discusses well is that of an anxiety or panic attack, how they can come on for what seems like no reason at the most oddest of times. If you have had a panic attack I am sure you will relate, and if you haven't it will really explain the weirdness it feels to be the person having one.

Now that I see the cover for the book I am not sure it is a good match. This is not what Alice should look like to me.

Putting Alice back together is well written by Carol Marinelli.

If there was anything to drudge up as a negative it would be the relationship with the psychologist which just seemed a bit too predictable for me, it's written pretty accurately but I could see where this was going from the start. This in no way detracts from the enjoyment of the book.

I did like that as a character, Alice, is just 'normal', she has a job, but just an average one. She is not a model, but not unattractive, she is not dealing with cheating boyfriends or some of the usual issues in chick lit books.

I never keep my books, I don't really understand the need to read the same book over and over, so I have already passed my review copy on to my sister...BUT I do have a copy of the real version to giveaway.

To enter, just leave a comment here telling me a book you think I should look out for to read next. It doesn't have to be new...even better if it is from the library. But if you suggest something with vampires, hobbits or mention the name Wilbur Smith, I promise you that you will not win.

Fine Print is thus:

Enter as many times as you like by simply making a new comment.
Only Australian postal addresses will be sent to.
Include a way to contact you.
Giveaway closes Thursday 22 march at 8pm.

Winner will be announced on Facebook, with an update to this post and via their own email address if you leave one. If I don't hear from you within 5 days it will be given to someone else.


  1. Hi! Thankyou for the opportunity to win; I love to read and could suggest many for you! I would have to say that Room by Emma Donoghue is a brilliant read and I borrowed it from the library and read it in a day! My email is

  2. You say no vampires, hobbits or Wilbur about ghosts? Audrey Niffenegger who wrote the Time Traveller's Wife wrote Her Fearful Symmetry, which is set in London and should definitely be available at your local library!

  3. I'm currently reading David Ellis' Line of Vision. He's as good as John Grisham and this morning I felt like staying home and finishing it, about 20 pages left. It's about a man who kills his lover's abusive husband and the court trial as the lover turns on him to save herself from the electric chair. Story is told from the killer's POV.

  4. Anh Do's biography - I cried, I laughed and I absolutely loved it! One of the best biographies I've read!

    1. I notice he has a new children's book out too. Could be two here to try.

  5. I hope i win!! Love reading and this looks like a winner. Have you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ? I found it very intriguing and till the very end enthralling :))

    1. Have not read this, only seen the movie, but my sister is mad about these books, she loves them.

  6. One book I couldn't put down was Sushi For Beginners by Marian Keyes. It was written in 2000, but surely would be at the library.

    1. I spent my Uni years reading Marian Keyes books, Last Chance Saloon was one of my favourites. I am interested to read her latest one that has just come out too, about how baking helped her with her depression in some way.

  7. I love reading anything by Robert Goddard or Douglas Kennedy. Always good page turners and lots of twists and turns.

  8. My favourite book is called Recipes for a Perfect Marriage and it is beautiful. Well-worth checking out. Could be at the library under Kate Kerrigan or Morag Prunty. The author's real name is Morag Prunty but she changed it, but she has books available under both.

    I love some Marian Keyes books too! Or Dianne Blacklock, Liz Byrski, Monica McInerney...

  9. The time travelers wife ...I want to read it too.

  10. I haven't joined the new local library yet and I rarely buy myself books . I did enjoy the authors I reviewed They were proper books too.
    Violent exposure by Katherine Howell

  11. The secret ingredient by Diane Blacklock as previous commenter mentioned.


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