Sunday, March 25, 2012

This was going to be a recipe post.

Last week I cooked up a new recipe.

It was super easy, super healthy (part of the 12 week body transformation I am doing) and Mr H declared it one of the best ever meals I had ever cooked.

These are the recipes worth sharing.

So I got all the ingredients ready for my Roasted Pumpkin Red Curry Extravaganza. I was going to share the step by step guide to cooking this dish.

It doesn't take long to cook so in no time at all I was nearly done.

Then one last squirt of lime juice and the whole dish of wonderfulness curdled before my very eyes.

I have no idea why, I used lime juice last time.

Was it the heat of the pan, that I used real lime last time, that it simmered too long?

What did I do to turn the dish into something fit only for the bin?

Any tips would be marvellous, because I would like to cook it again, but this time I would like to serve it on a plate rather than to the bin.

I also use the Carnation Milk Coconut flavour thing as that is the low calorie substitute for regular Coconut Milk.

Help me out, let me know what I can do to avoid the curdle!


  1. Hmm...I suspect it's the Milk coconut flavour as opposed to using coconut milk that caused it to curdle. Was it actually evaporated milk with coconut flavour? If it was, the trick is to let it cook, simmer and then add the "milk" towards the end, turn off the stove and stir it.

  2. Very sad - unfortunately the lower the fat content of the milk the greater the propensity for curdling...
    I wonder if you could add the lime juice 1st, then at the last minute the Carnation Coconut. Or sometimes if you keep the meal boiling the curdling goes away.
    I am sure it still might have tasted wonderful, if you serve with rice it could absorb some of the mucky bits.
    Or if it happens again you could blend it, make a curry soup. Sprinkle with Coriander and a dollop of natural yoghurt.

    1. Really, excellent, that is good to know! It may not surprise people to learn that this happens to me on a regular basis! We might be eating a bit more soup in future...or a bit more real coconut milk!

  3. Oh no! Milk and lime juice don't mix. Did you try it the first time with coconut milk and the second time with the low fat evaporated milk?

    That could be it.

    And once you sort that out, please share your amazing recipe! xxx

  4. I have no idea but I'm glad I read The Urban Mum's comment! x

  5. I have had the same problem with the coconut flavoured evap milk and sour acidic things!

    My solution was to add the lemon/lime acidity first, then go even lighter (and cheaper) and use coconut essence mixed with low fat plain natural yogurt - higher protein too...


  6. Well, I look forward to the recipe for a successful batch.

    LOVE Lucy's idea of the natural yoghurt with essence. I LOVE natural yoghurt.


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