Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you believe what the coffee tells you?

On the weekend we wandered down to a  yearly event put on by the local Italian and Greek migrants who built our suburb sixty years ago. It is a little fiesta of music and food in the local park and a celebration of all the things these former migrants brought to the area long ago.

What I don’t think was happening back then was coffee bean readings.

I really don’t believe in much of this ‘tell your future’ stuff but I am addicted to it all the same.

I had to drink my coffee first, leaving a small amount, then the lady swirled the dregs, tipped them and read what she saw for me.

What did she see…she saw turbulence in a couple of years. She saw a short holiday for us very soon, she asked me to make a wish and put my thumb print in the remains of the beans, I did and the result was a dog like image, this means loyalty, and as long as I am loyal to the wish, the wish will be loyal to me, just like a good puppy dog.

She discussed my Cancerian ways, told me to stop stressing so much, to ease up on the amount I worry about things and to start enjoying the day to day stuff more.

She didn’t tell me that I was going to strike it rich, or end up in the poor house. She didn’t tell me anything about what fate may bring me either. Really there was a lot she didn’t tell me because life is a bit of a game that you just have to keep playing. A game where you do whatever you can to win the best hand and hope for the rest to full in to place. But also, life is full of things that if you really really want to work for, then wishes will come true.

But sometimes, a lady reading your coffee beans can remind you to get busy living too, and to stop sweating the small stuff.


  1. We all need reminders to not sweat the small stuff. What a fun experience though. I have wanted to get my tea leaves read. x

  2. The Greeks love that coffee reading. One old Greek lady told me I was going to be rich but only once I found my true love. She also said my true love was not the man I was currently dating. Which just happened to be her son.

  3. Fascinating. I have heard of tea leave readings, but not coffee! I agree though, don't sweat the small stuff, although much easier to say than do :)

  4. I have just found your blog. I look forward to reading often. If you like you can check out mine.

  5. I must say, I've never had my 'beans' read before, but she sounded most wise in what she said and didn't say.

    But yes, you're so right. Sometimes we need a little wake up call to enjoy the now and not worry about the future.

    (And congrats on Top 50 blogger). How did the big night go?


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