Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Popps says:

Once, I used to correct inaccurate words that Popps used, developing her speech and being the diligent parent that I am. Now I know that each muck up is very short lived and I let them go, and enjoy the words of little people as long as I can.

Here are a couple of the latest lines I love.

When passing the ice cream van:
"look, there he is, it's Mr Whoopy."

On completing her first proper dive into the pool.
"Mum, did you see that, I didn't even do a ballet flop"

Got stairs in your house? Well you would be living in a 'two storage' place.

Do you have a 'dimmer simmer'? Not sure? That would be a dimmer switch.

What lines do your little ones say?


  1. Oh, that little Popps, she's a darling!

    My Oesch likes to say "Sute-ser mart-mart" for supermarket.

    Milk is "moot" (rhyming with foot)

    And I loved it when he said the other day "wipe my feets" as he stomped around on the doormat.

    I love all the little funny things too!

  2. My almost three year old doesn't give hugs or cuddles, she gives cuggles & I love it :)

  3. They are all so cute.

    We have a lot of cuggles here too, I think cuddle has nearly left the house altogether.

  4. Cute!

    Lots of gorgeous things being said here at the moment... mostly bossiness though. :)

  5. hehe!! Too cute!
    I have a host of them but, whether it's sleep deprivation or feeling the pressure of needing to think quickly, they've all escaped me! I might have to return when they come back to me!!! hehe! :)

  6. lol..I love it when my littlies say the cute wrong first baby(now 24) use to call moths - mots and in early grades got the P & B mixed up which made interesting reading of his little stories. and to this day he still does not know his there their..My baby boy(7)says sesciting for exciting..lastnight he had us in fits laughing when his older brother was making him say it while watching masterchef.

  7. a ballet flop! adorable!!

    I'm sure when Abby starts speaking she'll be so advanced it will be in perfect French (new mother syndrome, I have it), but my little brother used to call baked beans "bug beans" and I've said it ever since :) too cute.

  8. Love this post ...Popps is adorable.
    Both my 4yrs old crack me with the funny things they say every day.

    Hip ups it was last night complete with bouncing off the dining table seat.

    Noostrol - (nostrils)

    Sometimes it goes right over my head or I miss hear them.

  9. Popps is just way too cute! My 2 yr old doesn't mix up words too often yet, though some pronunciations she struggles with, naturally. But I thought I'd share this gem with you from last week ....
    me : Look at the picture Jess - if you could see inside mummy's belly, that's what the baby would look like"
    Jess: But that baby's got it's head on? Your baby's not got it's head on mum!
    me: Em, yes, I think mummy's baby has it's head on too.
    Jess: Noooooo, your baby not got it's head on mummy. Don't be silly!

    Absolutely priceless, I had tears laughing.

  10. I am secretly (or not so secretly) devastated every time my toddler grows out of saying words the wrong way.

  11. Too funny! My two year old has delivered some classics like 'money in my popcorn' (which translates to money in my pocket) and cock instead of clock!


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