Sunday, May 1, 2011


Before I went along to the first session of my Mother's Group, I felt a little like a kid starting at secondary school when they don't know anyone. Because really, all Mother's Groups (MG) really only have two things in common:

1) You are a Mother/Parent (usually) for the very first time
2) You live in the same geographical area

I had no family and knew no other Mums in my area, in fact I really didn't even have any friends sans kids in my area, so I was keen to get to Mother's Group in the hope of meeting someone for a coffee from time to time. I was also worried it would be full of women that just were not my type, whatever that is.

Before they all took off, Popps is to the left of the bub with a toy.

The first ten weeks or so we gathered at the health centre to learn more about how to deal with all things baby, we then moved to the Pub, and Friday lunch became my favourite day of the week. All ten of us would order a meal, babies lay in prams and slept, played quietly or got pushed back and forth by one of the other considerate ladies. Once this stage was over (though we pushed it as far as we could) we organised a time at a community centre and met there.

I was lucky, my Groupies were all considerate, passionate, caring and enthusiastic people. We lived inner city, most had little outside support geographically close by. Some breast fed, some didn't, some co slept some didnt. We all loved a glass of wine and talking about lack of sleep.

Five years on, a lot more babies (them not me) many house moves, relationship break ups, returning to work, career changes and certainly no need for classes of how to bring up baby, I still have a gang of my Groupies around. I have relied on them for many things over the last five years and hope to have a lot more fun with them. Judging from the Indian dinner party we had last night, where I tested my lack of cooking skills and made an edible Mutter Paneer, dressed up and headed out with Mr H, there is a lot more fun to be had with these Groupies.

sorry about the shocking resolution, no idea what happened
with all the shots from last night

How did your Groupies measure up?


  1. Love that photo - looks like a fun night!

    My mothers group was a big fat failure. None of them spoke. It was really odd. I'd turn up and say hi, how are you to them? And they'd mumble, yeah OK. And that was it. And they wouldn't talk to the health nurse, either, so I'd answer any questions she asked. So, so, so odd. Even weirder - they got everyone's details and sent an email around asking if everyone wanted to catch up. Um, why?! To sit around in silence?!

    I needed one of those groups like yours, who moved the gatherings to the pub!!

  2. I had a really lovely mother's group too; but too many house moves and too many other pressures on all of us and we have drifted apart. I rang one of them last year(!) for a chat, which was nice...
    But I have a really lovely group of school mums - so that's just as nice :-)
    Looks like you had a fab night though!!

  3. I have an amazing mothers group..we met over 10 years ago and still meet at least once a year for a big party..and the mums go out for dinner etc when we can..

    I was very very blessed.....

    Love that pic too.....

  4. Only one year in but so far I'm totally blessed - have two beautiful groups (one through health nurse, one through hospital) and I love them to bits!

  5. I love my Mummy Group too, it is definitely my favourite day of the week! We take turns hosting, then on the last week of the rotation we leave the babies at home with the Daddies and go out for Sunday brunch instead! I hope we'll continue to have this much fun years later, as you and your Mummy Group obviously do.

    Thanks for dropping by Mama Pea Pod and leaving a comment. Slovenia is truly beautiful, my new favourite country! It is a bit far for a weekend visit from Australia(!), but if you do ever take a trip to Europe, be sure to add it to your list of places to visit. In the meantime, I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures of it!

  6. Completely love my mothers group. Didn't expect much, but was hoping I'd meet some other mums since I didn't know anyone else who was at that stage of life.

    There are 5 of us regulars left (our eldest are all 3 and half this week) and we recently had a week away together, 10 adults, 10 kids; we had such a ball.

    And today, I'm feeling a little seedy after a girls nights in with them last night... the dads are plannign a night out soon as well.

  7. My mothers group was a bust too. Only one other Mum showed up and all she did was complain. About EVERYTHING. I can understand a bit of a grumble about certain things, but this chick wasn't happy with anything.

  8. I never had a Mother's Group. Reading this I kinda wish I did but knowing the Playgroup experiences I had I am pretty sure it wouldn't have been like this.
    I love the idea of a close group to go to when you have questions or just want to have a coffee.

  9. Clairey, I think we're on some spooky wavelength together. I have been thinking about my own mothers' group post the last couple of days! And did the Mr Whippy thing instead today.

    I love my little gang. We have no family support nearby either, and were quite new to the state, so I was really hoping to find some friends, and I lucked out with 5 great girls. We still meet weekly, almost 5 years on. I'd trust them with my life, and more importantly, with my kids lives.

  10. I loved mothers group when my first 2 were born..after third I think I just got too busy and and had enough with home and family to deal that circle pic tho..i'm trying to get all my 10 together soon for a family photo..and I want that done and our feet in a line..saw the feet in a shop window few years just looked so good..with ten of us it will be a great canvas to get done

  11. My mother's group was ok while babies were they grew it got harder to meet and the cliques fell into place too. I made one fabulous friend for life and the rest weren't really my cup of tea. I think it also tells me that a lot of time i prefer very small groups or one on one.


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