Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lip Lovin'

Who remembers Poppy lipsticks? You know those really matte lipsticks we all loved in the 90's, designed and produced by Poppy King.

There was a time when I wouldn't be seen in the line of a night club without my lips smeared drying out with that stuff. Hilarious really what we do for fashion.

I moved on, sadly,when it was no longer available. Found my new favourite and years later had to go through the same process to find a new one. I did, it was from Nutrimetics, but lately I was wanting a new colour.

I ventured to the counter of lies and deceit and left without my right arm but didn't care because I was looking mighty fine.

I was so happy to have this.

Mine was called Dolce Vita

And then on it's first application it busted, right at the base. Dodgy bastard lipstick. I tried to re stick it in, I put it in the fridge to try and get it right. It was no good.

Then my sister, (you have met her here before) sent me an email with the reminder that all nutrimetics lipsticks are only a tenner for a couple of weeks.

I have stocked up on my favorites...if you need one, just click and order, it now just comes straight to you in the mail. Perfect, no counter of lies required.


Cupcake is my colour of choice.

Has your favourite ever been discontinued, or do you stay up with the fashions and change with the seasons?


  1. i adored poppy. It felt so expensive when I was at uni. My love of lipstick has its roots firmly in Poppy.

    These days I'm all about Mac and a few loreal colours. Just yesterday i branched out and bought a red for the first time ever - something different to my safe burgundy or brown/pink shades.

  2. I loved Poppy lipstick.

    I barely ever wear lipstick now, I have yet to find one that does not dry my lips out. It's blistex for me.

  3. I've tried Avon, Nutrimetics, Innoxa, Poppy, Clinique and all the shades I liked were discontinued! My current face is Russian Red from Mac and Rum'n'Raisin from Revlon, which I have always been able to find in stock :)

  4. I love Benefit lipsticks. My favourite is called "Rocket Pop" which I have always found quite bizarre as it is a pinky/nude colour...

  5. Now, I am STILL a fan of Poppy King! She has a range called Lipstick Queen which is a mix of better matte lippies and sheer ones (I like Saint Rouge). I left my most favouritest Poppy King lipstick in the fridge in Tocumwal and I was gutted. (ok, it was REALLY hot, and it was going to end up being a shiny red puddle of puddley nothingness. I had to do something!)
    Anyway, I was most relieved to discover Saint Rouge is still available at Myer Melbourne!

  6. I rocked that Poppy lipstick bak in the day. Dark brown and DRYING my lips out. Awesome.

  7. I aspired to Poppy - unfortunately here lipsticks weren't available in my country town and internet shopping was but a twinkle in some geek's eye. I was a Clinique girl - and its Black Honey was a staple. Still is for a lot of people!

  8. LOVED Poppy lipsticks, but have never gone back after discovering Lancome Lip Gloss. And then I discovered Witchery Lip Plumping Gloss. At a third of the price. But if your interested, Strawberry Net is fabulous too ;)


  9. Agree with Nikki. Clinique Black Honey is a fave but I am now being brave with Clinique Parisian Red and I am loving it!

  10. Much to my daughter's shagrin, I am so not girly. I don't really wear lipstick and when I do, I find I just don't feel like myself.

    Perhaps one day I will get into the whole mak-up thing but for now, I am pretty much au natural!

  11. I have a very sad looking lipstick here that is the only one i use that I have been thinking about blogging about....and now I will, inspired by you. Oh....and I went and made a purchase of 2 newbies from T.....I got cupcake and sherbet :)

  12. I have one lipstick from MAC. I rarely wear it. I'm not really sure why. I suspect that I run out of energy by the time I've tried to put the rest of my makeup on! Maybe I'll start by using that one first.

  13. Revlon plum. I'm not very adventurous!!!

  14. Looooved Poppy King lipsticks. Sigh, memories. My favourite (from this decade) that was discontinued is 'Rocker' by Mac. Now on the rare occasion when I go out somewhere nice, I have to think first whether the occasion is 'Rocker worthy' as I know I won't be able to replace the one I have now.

  15. Thanks to all that got a lippie . from me clairey big sis! Loved the poppy range back in my younger days and think my all end up in clairey makeup bag on the saturday nights!!

    CupCake is my fav. frost grape is a winner as well .


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