Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thirty something Nana

I have thought it for a few years now, but the feeling is getting stronger.

I am a Nana, way before my time.

How do I know this?
- Fabric. I love beautiful fabric, I don't sew, but I bought a sewing machine thinking I could buy beautiful fabric and make something. I bought an apron from a market stall just for the 'feel' of the fabric. I even love expensive designer floral wallpapers.

Floral wallpaper - too much?

- Nana nap, this is something I only dream of, but I really would love one every day (once a month would also be ok).

- I have a tea pot with a tea cosy, and I use it.

- I love roses, not a garden of boring white standards standing in a line, but heritage roses that smell like perfume and have big thorns and look ugly and naked for nine months of the year only to bloom and make me take forever to get to the mailbox as I smell every one in the front garden, all thirty of them.

- I listen to a lot of ABC radio.

- I no longer listen to music while on the treadmill, instead it is conversation with Jon Faine for me.

- I wear sensible shoes. I can't bare cheapie vinyl numbers that get sweaty. Or sky high beautiful strappy blister forming devices. I need comfort. If they ever make a trendy pair, I will be the youngest woman in history to wear Kumfs.

- I don't see the need for so much swearing in songs on commercial radio. And why do rap songs need to have prostitutes in every film clip?

- I don't watch the news anymore, there is too much violence and I don't like to be reminded of it so much.

- I quite like hats, I have a good head for hats (ok, round and big, if you must) sun hats, beanies, race wear, I am waiting for hats to be really fashionable again.

- and even though StylingYou and Mrs Woog have tried to ban the puffer vest and are trying to prevent me from totally nana-fying* myself, I think I want a dusty pink soft and snuggly puffer vest.

Image from (the faux fur gunk is removeable, I hate that stuff).

Am I alone here, is anyone else verging on early nanahood?

Is the puffer going to be pushing me over the edge?

*yes, nana-fying is a real word.

The wallpaper image is from a designer called Flavor Paper, I can't find the original source of the image.


  1. LOL now you made me feel like I am a Nana because I can identify with most of your list :). Love it still.

    PS As long as my almost 18yr doesn't make me one anytime soon I am content.

  2. You could actually rock the puffer Gwynneth x

  3. I'll admit to owning not one, but two puffer jackets. One is a vest, one is a full goose down kathmandu one. Hey, I bought it when I lived in a house where it snowed. It was warm and snuggly... so there.
    As for the vest... well when you spend a good part of your day outside in a school yard in Melbourne Winter, it comes in handy. As does the full down one for walking and running in very low temperatures in the hills.
    Nana, it's the new black.

  4. If you're a Nana, then I am heading that way too, re nana naps, tea (not the cosy) and hats. Love hats. Think I'm going to do a winter hat blog post soon. And I could see you in that puffer vest but you need to work it with the cargos and ankle boots for it be non-nana.

  5. I have a strong inner-Nanna and have written about it several times on my blog. I particularly love the old fashioned roses as you do. I also have a soft spot for pretty nanna china!

    The puffer is cute - I would wear it around The Farm no worries (but only the sheep would see me....)

  6. I am SO nana right now. Sometimes we have dinner at 5.30.

  7. Cate Bolt, we have only just moved dinner to the later time of 5.30 now that Immy an stay up til 7.30 without getting too over tired. More nanaism.

  8. I love my winter and summer hats, just bought a sewing machine and taken up knitting and crochet. I love Jon Faine, looseleaf tea, nana naps and ABC TV. When I spend time in the garden it's to prune or deadhead the 2 dozen rose bushes in my garden. My shoes are sensible, but I don't own a puffer jacket and my Ipod plays punk music when I run.
    Apart from that, I'm a just turned-40 nana :)

  9. I would love a nana nap every day. (Actually, I think if more people nana napped, the world would be a less grumpy place!)

    I also like to cross-stitch and bake scones and do the crossword in the Women's Weekly.

    Love this post!

  10. We that me, love having a nana nap! the vest yes i have a few . Loved to cook , homemade goodies for the school lunch !

  11. I like a premature nanna. There is something so comfortable about letting go and just being yourself, don't you think? Hats, cups of tea, aprons, early dinners - they are onto something those Nannas! I'd say you are smart!

    To me puffers are more about avoiding the Michelin man look than being a Nanna. I think you should go there for sure x

  12. Oh....I'm a big fan of the wallpaper that Flavour Paper create. They are brilliant, aren't they?!

    PS: I’m currently running a super sweet giveaway that I think you’ll love. If you have a moment, stop by…

  13. Nanafying is my new fave word!!

  14. Big nana here. I hear nanas are HUGE in Dame Edna territory. Jon Faine - check; ABC radio - check; sensible shoes - check; would so love the naps; Don't tell Nikki and Mrs Woog but i LOVE my puffer vest. Oh and i make jam and relish regularly too!

  15. I'm so Nana that my Nana Pat was jealous of my 1960's apron that I got from ebay!

    I think Nana's understand and 'get' what a lot is missed these days.

  16. I think you've uncovered a whole army of premature Nanas with this post! I think I'm halfway there too - hats, teapots, nana naps. Nanas are made of awesome though, so I'm not unhappy!

  17. I love aprons, nighties, teapots, fabric, wallpaper and I too purchased a sewing machine to make table cloths etc. I have a cupboard full of projects I've started and yet to complete. I'm a nana for sure.
    P.s I nana nap every weekend x

  18. It's not the puffer vest that pushed you over the edge.

    In fact, if it's puffy enough, it could save you from the freefall that the tea cosy sent you into! ;-)

    (Found you on AMB, or DP, whatever it is now).

  19. Yep, I also must be a 30 something Nana! Though I don't own a puffer vest;) Love your blog. This is my first, visit via Rewind, and I love it!

    Nice meeting you:)

  20. I'm very much with you on the fabric fetish, sensible shoes and the Jon Faine love, but you're on your own on the puffer vest.

  21. I'm with you. On all counts.

    Visiting via the Rewind.


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