Saturday, May 21, 2011

A growing up step

Tonight my baby is sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time.

She loves it.

I have a tiny pang of sadness that my baby is growing up too fast.

I know others feel this when they give up breastfeeding or start crèche. The feeling is fleeting, lost by tomorrow in the chaos of life, but still strong at the time.

What moments have you remembered as those when your child was taking a 'growing up' step?


  1. Ohh, Claire! I know this feeling.
    My boy is starting to crawl and looking less like a baby everyday; I was only thinking tonight that it is going too fast. Way too fast.

  2. Surprisingly it is when they are out of nappies. It is a real yay moment but it really does mean they are no longer babies anymore.

    Don't even get me started on the first day of school. I am the biggest sook EVER.

  3. It's happening every day right now. My 11 year old is now in ladies clothes. That hurts my heart.

  4. All the time, in so many ways.
    Our son is 12... and every day he steps further into the world, like when he went with his grandparents and showed them the way from Etihad Stadium, through Southern Cross Station and onto a tram to their hotel... or how he gets up before us in the mornings, feeds the pets, puts the heater on and stokes the fire.
    I'm so full of pride and yearning at the same time.

  5. All of my boys have gone through a big growing up step recently: Mr4 has shoes with shoe laces, Mr2 is toilet trained and baby is crawling and trying to walk. It's great, but it's freaking me out.
    Hope she enjoys her big girl bed.

  6. Miss 2.5 here is nearly out of her baby carseat. We went shopping today and chose the next one for her, which is a big one that will last until she's 7. That made me realise how fast she's growing up!

  7. Oh, every few weeks it feels like another phase/moment has passed... Mr 4 months is now in 00s so no more 000s or 0000s ever again (this baby making shop is shut). Stopping breastfeeding Mr 2.5 years was sad, watching him walk at 10 months was even worse (but fabulous too!), listening everyday to the words he can now pronounce - today he said "biscuits", last week they were "bikkits"... Everything is so fleeting.
    Big beds are a huge step! Hope it all goes well.

  8. Aww she looks so little in her 'big girl' bed. My littlest isn't too far off moving to his 'big boy' bed and I'm dreading it. He's just so little!!! However I'm sure if I wait too long before I move him he'll try to absail out of his cot, forget the rope and break and arm on the way down lol!! Jacqui


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