Monday, May 16, 2011

A trip to man heaven


This could be considered a community announcement.

I had a disagreement with Mr H.
We need to renovate the bathroom, this bathroom is one of a kind, it is circa 1981, in beige and light blue, and floral with tapware chosen by someone who likes bling.

It looked ugly but clean and functional when we moved in last year so we thought it would do for a few years yet.
Of course the sneaky previous owners were experts with a silicone gun and had more silicone in that thing than in Heidi Montag.

Do you know that silicone just peels off when you scrub the tiles?

And then the water gets in.

And then the walls and floor start to do funny things and make weird shapes.

So, I agreed to go to man heaven. As a family.

On a Saturday.

After dragging them all past the salmonella sausage stand we headed to bathrooms.

Two kids on the large item trolley, jumping up and down and climbing all over it.

Mr H actually attempting to convince me that a corner spa bath would fit in the area that currently only fits a shower, and we could squeeze in a vanity designed for a caravan in the remaining space.

He sighed that the tiles I would like are too small and are harder to lay then big tiles.

The shower base we need was not available.

The kids jumped into a display of baths that were upright and nearly killed themselves as four baths begun toppling down on them.

They then played hide and seek in the display showers while we argued over who was watching them.

When Mr H found a vanity that fitted his budget (still in circa 1981) I agreed, then let him know that the price didn't include the actual sink or the caesar stone top, just the actual DIY cupboard. He was not impressed and sees no reason why we can't have the caravan model.

We left with nothing, other than the paint sample cards that the girls than fought over in the car as one had more pink ones than the other, and no one wanted the normal colour ones I had in my handbag.

Heed my advice, do not attempt a family trip to Bunnings and expect a happy ending.
And when house hunting, beware the silicone gun expert, he hides many a flaw.



  1. Ooh - we don't go to bunnings as a family. It' a disaster waiting to happen.

    I dread the day we do our extension - I foresee many 'disagreements'!

    Good luck agreeing on colours, budgets etc etc.

  2. I see your circa 1981 bathroom and raise it one circa lordy knows when bathroom complete with apricot corner spa with (non working) fake brass fittings, a shower over said spa with NO screen... so you can see yourself as you wash in the TILE mirror and notice the exquisite contrast of apricot, brass and the fake black marble extra shiny floor and WALL tiles... all completed with a subtle gold trim on the door frame.
    I wish I was joking.
    No wonder we had to move.

    As for Bunnings... ugh.

  3. Bunnings Warehouse!

    Where family fights are guarenteed.

  4. Amen, sista.

    Bunnings = disaster.

    Every. Time.

  5. We dont go to Bunnings because its just too bloody big, and it takes too long to find anything.

    Our bathroom has mirrors on both sides, so there's no avoiding your reflection. My bathroom is bad for my self esteem.

  6. The last two weekends Mr Karen has taken our bigger boys to Bunnings. The first time, our 2 year old tripped over a rake and cut his finger badly. The staff made an incident report, and gave him a toy forklift to compensate.
    The next weekend, Mr karen lost our eldest son. The staff made an announcement on the loudspeaker about a lost boy. This time, he scored a toy truck.
    We're wondering what disaster will occur next time, and what other toys the boys might score?

  7. Your description was hilarious!! 'Caravan model' priceless!

    We have huge Bunnings appreciation in our family and my husband has a running list on his iPhone to ensure trips are maximised. When the kids are doing my head in I suggest to Daddy that he takes them to Bunnings and he buys them a sausage, they have a play in the gym thing and he gets his list done. Joy, they all jump into the car and leave me to clean the floors!

  8. We do family Bunnings trips. The girls LOVE it, the hubs LOVES it. I hate it. It's always SOOOO long and boring and I don't have a clue what we're looking at or for.
    And don't get me started on renovations....

  9. Bunnings and Ikea trips as a family are to be avoided at all costs. They will only end in fights and tears ...

  10. I love Bunnings! So do my boys - if they misbehave they are threatened with never being taken there again. And paint sample colours are a must take-away item.

    The silicon gun indeed hides many a flaw. I've learnt my lesson. Renting from now on and learning to badger the landlord...


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