Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winning stuff

Lately I have had some luck winning things on other blogs, bigger things and tiny things. I love them all.

Some of my readers have asked how I find all these little giveaways, so I have put together a list for you of a few giveaways that are happening right now on other blogs.

Click on the links and enter, remember the smaller giveaways sometimes have only a handful of entries so the odds are really good.

Go forth and enter.

Liss from Frills in the Hills is the blog I go to for lots of help when I am trying to improve my Domestic Goddess rankings (currently -2) she is running a giveaway worth $500 in total.

Are you up the duff and need a new frock? a really stylish gorgeous one too, I would have loved this in my preggy days.

Do your offspring want a new DS or game to play on a DS? Head over and win this one.

At Baubles, bubbles and bags there are six different pamper packs to win, leave a comment on the blog and you are in the running.

Now these are the ones I love, currently only three comments, means chances are good for you to win the new Lemonade Mouth DVD. You can also enter to win it on this blog, cos the more you enter the greater your chances of winning...go on click again and comment and add it to the collection.

For those with babies, or expecting them, this blog is for you and they have competitions and giveaways.

Hannah Montana DVD is up for grabs too.

And lastly, head here if you want a hundred smackers to spend at westfield.

These are just a couple of what's around. Happy clicking and good luck



  1. Thanks Claire! Will check them out as it seems I am on a winning streak! Gotta strike while the iron is hot... or something like that.

  2. OH I love giveaways - giving and receiving them. Great round-up!

  3. Oh look at all that trouble you just saved me - I'll link up this post to my 'jog around the blogs' post tonight! Job done...ta babe :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing these! And congrats on all your winnings :)

  5. OH, I love winning things. Although, I don't always have the greatest luck. But, as they say, you've got to be in it to win it!! :)

  6. ooh I love competitions!!! Thanks for the share! :)

  7. love winning things..

  8. You're a serial competition enterer - there is a rehab program for people like you I think? lol. I love this post - sharing the love. I just clicked over to the Little Drummer boys and whacked in an entry. My boys would be STOKED with that win! Thanks ClaireyH x


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