Friday, May 20, 2011

Screaming babies will reward you in the end

A long time ago, way back, even before paid parental leave, I had a baby. That would be Popps, who is now five.

She liked to scream.

A lot.

No one wanted to look after her.


I also wasn't working and we were living the rice and mince lifestyle. When living in this lifestyle 'option' a regular trip to the hair salon is out of the question. And considering I would have had to take screaming banshee with me, there would have been no relaxing either.

Nine months went past before I made it to the hairdresser.

But oh how that has paid off.

I added my entry to a competition PottyMouthMama was running offering a night at the Werribee Mansion. You had to answer:

The last thing I expected about being a mum is/was:

My entry:
To fall in love with dummies, dimmer switches and think it was ok to not go to a hair dresser for nine months.


Thank you dear screaming banshee child of mine, if not for you, Mumma would not be excitedly planning a weekend of luxury sometime soon. And let's not highlight that everyone else may have mentioned the unexpected and unconditional love of a child.

Soon Mr H. and I will be off to Werribee and we shall not (do you hear me Mr H.) we shall not be doing a tour of the zebras and giraffes, we have already seen them 72,000 times.

I may possibly be seen at any of the destinations below though.

I expect I will also look like this after a weekend of pampering.

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  1. Oh yay congratulations! Fantastic prize.

    My eldest was a screamer too, but Im still waiting for that experience to reward me.

  2. Oh how fabulous. I have stayed there and it is DIVINE.
    Make sure you have a massage while you are there xxxx

  3. ooh how swish does that look.... yay for karma!!!

  4. Congratulations, sounds wonderfully indulgent and very well deserved :)

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  6. Ophs sorry something went wrong...I just wanted to say congratulations and have a splendid weekend! We might here of Screamer No. 3 nine months down the track:)

  7. Congratulations ... you are a talented wordsmith.
    I fell in love with the same things x 2 - well 1 less dummy in the plug hole. But I had other things (.)(.) that worked just as well for him.

    Enjoy your reward.

  8. Oooh, nice! Have a great time when you make it there...

  9. That is such a nice place. Enjoy!

  10. Yay!

    I can relate, my Miss 5 was a screamer and absolutely no-one wanted to look after her either! She is now adorable, but still cries a fair bit, although this can be remedied a whole lot easier now :)


  11. I love the gardens at Werribee mansion. Have fun!

  12. Yes. I can't wait to go with you. It will be swell. Just the three of us. Cough.

  13. My youngest was a screamer too. And i didn't go to the hairdresser for about a year. I have long hair, so did a lot of 'bad-hair-day' tied back in a bun/ponytail. I may have also worn my pyjamas to the shops. Congratulations on the prize!


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