Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Win to the WAHM

Work at home Mums are pretty good at multi tasking, we can bake a cake, hang the clothes out, assist the kids, write a proposal and answer emails all at once.


This week I was one step ahead of it all. I had a new weapon.


I set it all up, sticky taped the pictures down, had the paper laid out for any drops too.

I set the girls up and sat down to get about half an hours work done.

It didn't quite work. I forgot that Immy can paint a dog in one colour with one sponge in two seconds and be 'finished'. Done. Moving on to the next thing. Hands clean of said paint or not.

So I rushed.

I sent the document off.

The next morning I got an urgent message that the document wouldn't open.

So I sat in the change rooms at the gym where the girls were in the creche, I had 45 minutes.

Picture it.

Let me help, the aqua aerobics class had just finished, 30 naked women, all over 70, wet dripping and wondering why this crazy woman was taking up a chair on her lap top.

Me, frantic, trying to pdf a document that I had to email to myself first from my phone and then open on the laptop to convert, then back to a web browser to pdf and send it off so that it arrived before a certain meeting. All with a swarm of swimming Grandma's trying to squeeze in around me.

But it went. All is good. All is ticked off.

Another win to the WAHM.

Have you had any wins lately?



  1. Well done! That kind of multi-tasking usually eludes me. I'm a one thing at a time kind of mum. But I did sell my house this week, after a mad day of tidying on Monday - kid-free...

  2. You are awesome - that is all !
    My kids would be the same as Popps :).

    Yay Dorothy on selling your house!

  3. Oh, I hear you. Painting is the worst - it's over so quickly, after all that prep and cleaning up!

    I spent most of my week with a toddler climbing all over me, saying 'Mummy, what are you dooooing?' while I tried to work.

  4. Oh my. Are you in my head right now? You must be. Because this is me. Except not winning so much.

    Nothing like a re-group the last few days. In fact, it's been a fortnight since I blogged. SUCH a bad blogger/WAHM.


  5. I love this post :) The glue stick is your friend mama, not too messy or sticky and with some favourite pictures precut from a magazine keeps my gal happy for at least 30 minutes x

  6. That is so true. When mine were really little I'd spend AGES planning a craft activity for them only to find it over in seconds with absolute chaos to clean up afterwards!

  7. Oh yes, I totally get this! That picture you painted? Awesome!!


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