Monday, October 18, 2010

To Market to fall in love with my new photos.

It is true, I am a market groupie. Rarely does a weekend pass when I don't stumble across a market somewhere.

I love them for the fresh foods and craft work but also for the spur of the moment things that happen. It might be letting the kids hang out in the animal section or getting their faces painted, or getting to eat morning tea while being entertained by a muscial act or busker. Markets are usually held in an open space area that has a park close by, so to me they provide the perfect lazy day activity for all of us.

A few weeks ago while my parents were here for a visit, I took Mum for a wander at the Williamstown Market, (yes, you Eastern Suburbs chicks, you have to go over the West Gate Bridge to get there!) To my delight we found a little tent with a photographer with a new concept - pop in and have some photos done instantly, and if you like what you see emailed to you the next week, buy what you want, if not, then doesn't matter, no obligation to spend up, no one hassling you (like at those other places of pixie children's photos).

I LOVE Photos. They are my addiction. I don't smoke, certainly don't drink as much as I would like, don't buy magazines, but I do spend on photos.

SS was worried.

But no need! These photos are fabulous and fabulously priced.

So much am I excited about this concept that next time (if that ever happens) that SS has the Williamstown Market day off, we are heading back to get a family shot, good or bad weather, it wont matter, Karen from Studio Kas will click away. Fix me up with good hair and skin and da da - family portrait will be done.

Here are a couple of shots that Karen did (yes I have full permission to reproduce them on my site, but no, you do not.)

Considering we went to the market without the intention of being photographed, they are totally natural. Granny had just bought them a hair clip each, which makes them have one matching item each. I love it.

Wait for my Aussie Wordless Wednesday for another of my favourite shots and get yourself to Williamstown Market if you want some for yourself.


  1. could l please have one of these photos please of my little princess..great shots..
    where is your photo did granny it inthe shots..super idea as l dislike the pixie photos and there price. one can Never have enough photos..

  2. Anonymous Sisters will get some shots, stay tuned for the shots of me and Granny - three generations in one image.

    Thank you, Belinda!

  3. I so love markets too and am quite happy to wander around for ages - exploring all the delightful sights and smells :) these pictures are lovely and I can't wait to see the rest! what a great idea - I hate pixie photo's they hassle me everywhere and never give me the shots I want!

  4. Naomi, Pixie would love you to come in and hassle you for months about photos I bet!

    See you on WW for another one I love.

  5. Such beautiful photos! A photography tent in a market - how fabulous!
    Heidi xo

  6. They are just beautiful photos of beautiful subjects! I've never seen photography tents at our markets but what an awesome idea!

  7. I have never heard of this market. Another for the wish list. Like you I am a market junkie. It's the rummaging and finding things that haven't been categorised into aisles.
    Hmmm, and as for the camping, we still do that, but boy do we have fun. It's pretty damn civilised camping too.

  8. Beautiful photos of gorgeous girls! Great idea having photos taken while at the markets. Williamstown on the other side of the bay to me but I have been meaning to get to the market there - this is a real motivator. Thanks for sharing.


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