Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Avoiding bread and dripping for Christmas day

You have heard me dribble out the thrifty word maybe once, twice or a trillion times since we moved into the babbleOn house this year.  

SS and I recently looked at the upcoming expenses. Due to bad planning we have Immy’s 2nd birthday, a visit from the jolly red man and Popps turning 5 all within 31 days. Add to this, SS taking annual leave over Christmas means no overtime shifts, plus big girl kindergarten fees need to be paid for the first time. Eeeeek, while we may be spared from bread and dripping come Christmas day, it will need some nifty planning and bargain spotting to get the gift list sorted for all the nieces, nephews and little friends.

Kmart are asking how much can you get for $20 from their catalogue. I have seven little babblers to buy for. This should take care of two of them, which certainly fits the budget:

 Cute pair of summer shoes and a pack of lollie snakes for Miss 6: Total  $8.00

Two piece outfit for Mr 1 (he is tiny, and will still fit in these sizes with a car added to it.  Total $11.00
the top at the front
to go with the pants at the front
and one of these
That gives me $1 left to print up around five photos which I will use as a Christmas postcard to send to a few treasured friends and family.
Photos as postcard are a fun idea for Christmas wishes.
What are your tips for avoiding starvation on Christmas day or do you still let the olds put on the best spread in town? (like we do, thanks guys, you know who you are.)


  1. Fantastic post!

    I think we might just do the postcard photo instead of chrissie cards this year too :)

  2. Thanks GGMH, postcard photos also mean you can do stacks of different ones for everyone. Also, makes you print some of the photos from your phone!

  3. Thanks for participating in the challenge, Claire. Good luck!

  4. You're organised. Well done. The card looks especially lovely. I so hear you about planning for Christmas. We have three adult children and an older teen so you can't buy in advance. They change their minds on what's good and what they want so quickly. I blame the quick turnover of what's in stores. If only they were wee things for whom a packet of snakes was their best pressie. In fact, these are the presents they remember the best. We used to put in a length of bubble gum, tin of condensed milk and bottle of fizzy drink and we were the best parents EVER!

  5. Wow, what great parents, my sister would have loved a tin of condensed milk, but I don't think she ever got it all to herself as a treat, how funny! I might give her one this year!!


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