Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taste the back of a stamp know you want to.

Since I first decided to go with 'Handwriting is the new black' I continue to get comments on the post, emails to my inbox and tweets on my twitter that new people would love to join in.

My original little challenge to myself to send out some letters to people is over. I did well, sent out a range of things, cards, letters, postcards, Flat Stanley. I even received some letters in return which was possibly the very best bit of this task.

So it's time to organise it again with a new slant, a twist, something to keep it interesting. You don't have to do something every week, but if you can, do. It isn't a challenge to yourself, more like a new hobby, returning to do something you used to enjoy.

Soon it will be Christmas time, traditionally the time of writing out cards to people and wishing them well for the coming year. But how many cards do you receive (or send) with just:

     To Jane,

Merry Christmas

              Love Jill

BORING! Boring to the nth degree.

I don't want to receive these cards, might as well send a communal text message, and to be honest, neither does anyone else. They stick them in the venetians near the Christmas tree, adding to the card numbers, like mini trophies in the who has the most friends competition, but they don't look forward to receiving them like the ones that really have something written in them.

So, it is time to start writing for Christmas. Real writing, with at least a paragraph containing some news, some thoughts, some hopes for the year ahead, a reminder of previous fun times, you get the picture.

It doesn't have to be an official Christmas card. Get the kids to make some, get my kids to make some, for god sake, we have enough glitter in the carpet, we could just roll paper over it for a few days and Ta - daa, sparkly cards.

If you want to get in the spirit of giving early, buy your cards from a charity, many of them rely solely on Christmas cards for revenue.

Alternatively, if you are feeling that you don't have a big Christmas letter writing list, or you don't celebrate Christmas in your neck of the words. The postcard challenge could be your way of getting pen to paper and tasting the back of a stamp once more.

If you are a charity, a NFP or a crafty type that is selling cards, let  me know, I might be able to add you to a link list to inspire all the writers out there.

You don't need to have a blog to join in, just leave a comment if you're on your way to the stationery drawer at your place (hope you have less glitter and worn out texta's in yours than we do).

The image here includes cards from Poss and Wom, you can buy them on Made it


  1. This is such a great idea! I love sending cards to my friends. It's a bit of a bummer when I never get anything back though! I actually just bought some Xmas postcards to send out in December, I love Xmas cards!

  2. Here's hoping you get plenty back at Christmas time. Best get yourself some venetians if you don't already have some!

  3. Hi Claire, thanks for the linky love but we have just sent out our postcard buddies this week! EEk! If there is any interest though I am happy to run it again.

    Alternatively, if people want to write regularly, is fanastic. What can, and do, you say on a postcard to a complete stranger? And where will you get your card from? :) It's a great hobby to sign up to, we have been doing it since February and love it!

    I love that you are trying to bring back writing, if only more people felt like that :D

  4. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop!!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

  5. Sign me up

    Great post Claire....I have so many family and friends overseas that this is a really worthwhile idea for me....I am off to buy some great cards right now....We have an awesome little eco-friendly shop here in Margaret River that should have some lovely cards...

    Thanks again for the Postcard Challenge link!

    Gill xo

  6. Great ideas!
    I stopped sending Christmas cards many years ago. I appreciate the few hard core senders who still send me one.
    I do like to write a note to loved ones though.
    A few years ago Oprah had a postcard you could print up that said open ended sentences like "What I love about you is..." and two other phrases.
    I love to send those.

    PS Recently I got three homemade cards from grandchildren and some letters. I am loving it.

  7. Perplume, I love the idea of the sentence being started, helps for those times your just can't get the ideas on the paper. excellent that you are also getting replies, shows how much they loved getting the mail from you too.


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